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Yoga and Energetic Transformation

Life-Changing and Transformational
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Introducing Cat Kabira

a globally touring teacher and trainer in yoga and the subtle / shamanic energetic arts.

She has studied under many masters in several traditions and is passionately sharing the magical gifts she’s absorbed, processed, and cultivated into her own wisdom over the last 20 years. Known for the potency of her transformational retreats and trainings, Cat is present and intuitive when she teaches, seeing and feeling energy, often making more subtle energetic adjustments to assist your embodiment. What makes Cat’s classes unique is not necessarily the particular asana that’s practiced, but in how her students are guided into sensing themselves in a deeper, subtle and revelatory manner.

Corona Virus "Distant Socialing" message:

Due to the travel ban issues in conjunction with the coronavirus, Cat Kabira will be waiting this out in Australia (soon to be in Bali). Connect with her virtually!

As we postpone / reschedule several retreats and workshops we encourage everyone to practice distant socialing. Join us at your convenience, in our new virtual yoga studio.



Available through August 2020

Times have changed for all of us. Access to funds has shifted for many, as well. If even these special prices are not affordable, consider applying for a scholarship. Please view our scholarship form and contact us directly with your enquires.

$150/hourfirst-time student (available only for your first session)
$165/hour (single session)
$80 for 30 minutes.
$215 for 90 minutes.
$450 for 3 one hour-long sessions (expires in 3 months)
$1400 for 10 one hour-long sessions (expires in 10 months)



Curious about how Cat is handling her own quarantine, stranded in Australia? Check out her “Love in the Time of Corona” blog series…


Movement Arts

Joy and pleasure are inherent for our wellness and expansion. Discover new ways to joyfully connect with your body. Our movement has no limits. We’ll take a blend of various asana, dance, gyrokinesis, qigong, pilates, animal movements, and some surprises, for you to have fun with.

Guided Meditations and
Yogic Vision Quests

Through a a blend of a yoga nidra and shamanic journey, drop down into the undercurrents in your system to discover the power of your imagination, as you access a hypnotic state of dreamtime and deeper layers of your subconscious.

Subtle Energetics

This great pause is our time and space to dive in, to meet and reflect on ourselves on a more subtle level. Participate in various virtual and in person continuing education courses to enhance your training in subtle energy healing. - teacher trainings icon

Teacher Trainings

Not an ordinary yoga teacher training, this will be an extraordinary experience, within a systemless system,  that honors and respects our infinite ancient history of yogic and energetic arts. A transformational and empowering journey, that will do more than prepare you to teach yoga – it will change your life.