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Introducing Cat Kabira

a globally touring teacher and trainer in yoga and the subtle / shamanic energetic arts.

She has studied under many masters in several traditions and is passionately sharing the magical gifts she’s gleaned over the last 20 years. Known for the potency of her transformational retreats and trainings, Cat is very present and intuitive when she teaches, seeing and feeling energy, often making more subtle energetic adjustments to assist your embodiment. What makes Cat’s classes unique are not necessarily the particular asana that’s practiced, but in how her students are guided into sensing the “undercurrents” or the subtle energetics of their body and gain awareness of a deeper sense of self in a more revelatory manner.

Corona Virus "Distant Socialing" message:

We are sorry to announce that due to the travel ban issues in conjunction with the corona virus, Cat Kabira will not be traveling any time soon and will be waiting this out in Australia.

As we are forced to postpone /  reschedule several Europe retreats and workshops, we are encouraging everyone to practice distant socialing and thus join us here in our new virtual yoga studio for online yoga classes at your convenience.



Available March  > May 2020

We understand that during this Corona Virus Shutdown in the majority of the World, times have changed for some of us. For those of you truly in need and even the special offer isn’t affordable, we do offer scholarship options. Please contact us directly to see what’s possible. Or download and return via email our scholarship form.

$150/hour (single session)
$200 for 90 minutes.
$395 for 3 hour long sessions (expires in 3 months)
$1200 for 10 (expires in 10 months)

Curious how Cat is handling her own self quarantine, stranded in Australia?

Read more corona diaries morning pages in “Love in the Time of Corona”

Did you know Cat has a podcast on Spotify?
Listen to her latest episode below.


Kabira School of Energy

Cat Kabira’s Energy School is an innovative collection of modules that initiate you into connecting to your more intuitive, healing, and powerful self. Through deep self-introspection and hands-on work with others in small, intimate trainings, your whole universe will change!

Kabira Energetic Healing Sessions

Transform your life with Kabira Energetic Healing: Cat Kabira’s powerful blend of Biodynamic Biomechanical Craniosacral therapy, somatics, and shamanic work. Cat works with the subtle energies in your undercurrents and subconscious – the patterns that inform your life. Part of this work is dependent upon your willingness to step into new parts of yourself, as well as shed what you are ready to release.

Mentoring with Cat Kabira

With 20+ years of professional experience as a yoga teacher and healer working with the subtle energies, Cat Kabira offers mentoring sessions both in-person and on-line, supporting those new to yoga, just completed a teacher training, or long time teachers / energy healers needing to grow their business.