About Cat Kabira

Experience is personal

Since 1997 I devoted myself to the paths of yoga, meditation, energy work (as well as shamanic) and various therapies to find my way through. And I did!

For decades I've been teaching the beauty of being here, how to stay, and what it means for you to be in your full presence and embodiment.

I work with women who suffer from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, restrictive eating and body dysmorphia. I know this pain and how you think you'll be stuck this way for the rest of your life. I'm here to tell that there's a way to heal and step forward as you in your power in your life.

Discover the world of energy

Your sensitivity is your Superpower

I've been based in Bali, Indonesia since 2006 and have been teaching worldwide ever since.

I'm highly sensitive and love to work with those of you who are sensitive as well so that instead of feeling overwhelmed by life, you realize that your sensitivity is your Superpower!

I'm passionate about the world of energy - empowering you to connect with your own unique energetic system so that you can thrive in your own life.

“To me, the practice of yoga is to finally be ourselves, to take ownership of the inner Artist, Mystic, and Creator in us”

Despite the intensity and depth of my work I'm highly playful. Reclaiming our power to play and also to imagine is essential.

I created Vision Quests which are your way to journey in a shamanic way. We forget what we are capable of.

When you come work with me you will find the place where you will reclaim your Magic, your ground and the power for why you're here.

If you’re highly sensitive, I love working with you...

I’ve dedicated myself not to asana in its ever-changing form but to the body and how spirit speaks through the body.

As Rumi says, “There are thousands of ways to kneel and kiss the ground,” and so is the exceptional way that we get to meet our daily ever-changing selves. I love movement and in my dynamic practices have stepped out of “traditional” practices so that you can take space in a new curious way to discover new spaces inside and new ways to challenge and play.

My dynamic practices are known as strong and sweaty and playful and there’s always a depth and energetic space for you to drop into. Just like in music, space to drop in and silence is a necessity. You’ll never know what’s going to show up but I guarantee it will be fun, powerful and you’ll leave gleaming.

I love teaching subtle and somatic practices in my gentle flow. This is where you can develop a deeper multi-dimensional relationship with yourself. It's perfect for healing injuries and to create a depth of connection as you explore the magical nuances of yourself.

My trainings and certifications

I’ve trained and practiced intensively in meditation, yoga, many movement arts and energetic therapies since 1997 (my energetic practices started when I was 10). I won’t list everything here as we’ll run out of space but let’s say that I’m a voracious curious learner and have made all practices I’ve encountered truly my own.

While my training and certifications are vast, these days you’ll see that the largest influences have been my training in biodynamic craniosacral therapy with Leonid Sobeleff as well as somato emotional release with Upledger, somatic experiencing, spiritual psychology and energy work from the Barbara Brennan School with Stephanie O’Connor, yoga therapeutics (and the subtle body) with Jasmine Lieb, and some of my training with Forrest yoga and Open Doors Yoga as well as my exploration in gymnastics and play.

You won’t catch one particular style with me as I’m here to meet you and share the best gifts for that day. I honor and respect the yogis, medicine people, shamans, and therapists I’ve encountered over the decades and am grateful for their gifts and teachings over the years.

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