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Discover the world of energy

If you’re highly sensitive, I love working with you...

I’ve dedicated 20+ years of exploring different modalities so that I could not only understand my pain but free. I’ve learned how to strengthen myself and how to handle these big waves that happen in our life.

Especially now what’s happening on the planet:

How can we learn to thrive?

How do we know what our own truth is?

How can we heal our past pain and show up as ourselves?

From my own personal experience, I get how easily overwhelmed you are, that environments and people can be challenging. I understand if you find it hard to stay and ground. I also get how much you might judge yourself or be hard on yourself and find yourself comparing to others. Let’s turn your sensitivity back into the gift that it is.

Understand and manage your energy

It’s time to thrive as You

Your commitment to self-awareness and empowerment

Working together, we will harness the power of your personal energy to facilitate a profound transformation.

Through intentional, heart-centered focus, tapping into grounding, and incorporating energy practices, you will be guided towards a truly beautiful healing experience.

Let's collaborate to create positive shifts within you and promote overall wellness.

1:1 Private Sessions with Cat Kabira

How I work with you will be very specific to you and will also be dependent on any past therapy, training and the level of self-awareness you have. Sessions can be in person or online via Zoom (depending of your location).

Your own history (including ancestral) of trauma will also influence our work.

Once you commit, we’ll talk about your goals for our work together.

Our time together will be a combination of coaching, counseling and energy work. You’ll have homework in between as well as check-ins.

This does require your full commitment if you truly are ready to change.

Book A Private Session with Cat Kabira

Looking forward to meeting you in our upcoming call!

Our session will be in person or online via Zoom (depending of your location).

Pick time for your meeting below. A link to join the meeting will be sent to your email.

Thanks so much! And have a wonderful day!

Coaching and Healing Packages

One 60-Minute Session

$300 USD online

$400 USD in-person

One 90-Minute Session

$450 USD online

$550 USD in-person

5-Session Package (60-minutes each):

$1350 USD online

$1800 USD in-person

5-Session Package (90-Minutes each):

$2050 USD online

$2450 USD in-person

The change, to be clear, isn’t to continually improve yourself. It’s to see the magic, the gift, the power that you already are. It’s you coming back to you. It’s owning who you are on this planet.

"Cat is such a powerful and gifted healer, it is hard to put into words the gratitude I feel, having experienced such a deep shift in my life - dealing with karmic and family issues to limiting beliefs and fears I held within me - unlike any other treatment I have experienced thus far. She also has such a loving and authentic presence that it was really easy to build a really trusting relationship with her and had me come back to work with her on a regular basis."

~Susanne, Austria

Let's do this.

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