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Cat Kabira is a world-renowned yoga teacher trainer and master of the subtle energetics arts.

To me, the practice of yoga isn’t to transcend ourselves. It’s to finally be ourselves, to take ownership of the inner Artist, Mystic, and Creator in us.

I’m an artist, healer, and international yoga teacher trainer born in the States. Bali’s been my home since 2006. I’ve worked with subtle energy and the invisible realms since I was a child and consider my intuition and sensitivity as two of my superpowers.

I began teaching yoga at the age of 22 by the request of my teacher. My teaching is informed by the subtle energetic work that I have discovered, learned and practiced, as well as decades of experience and commitment to the mystery of humanhood. My greatest passion is helping others understand their unique energy system and how this relates to their own life, enabling them to transform their traumas into richness, power, and freedom. I believe in the power of imagination and the necessity of play. Whether you’re a sensitive looking for stability, freedom, or fierceness, a healer looking for a way to initiate your senses, or simply curious because you know there’s a depth in life you haven’t touched yet, you might come my way.

My movement teaching is more exploratory and subtle.

I stepped out of only practicing asana and have become passionate about other movement arts such as dance, the Gyrotonic expansion system, Feldenkreis, primal movement, circus arts, Qi gong, Ginastica Natural, and Pilates. I’m always exploring new possibilities of movement, the infinite ways to play and express these endless gestures of life, through inviting a deeper embodiment.

“Yoga saved my life.”

Having experienced emotional, psychological and sexual abuse growing up, I hated being a girl and rejected my femininity at an early age. Anorexia, bulimia, drugs and alcohol became my coping mechanisms. I started starving myself when I was 9. When I was 17, I was desperate to heal; meditation and yoga became my path.

Despite being devoted to my practice, despite my tagline “yoga saved my life,” I was ashamed. I still found myself regressing into my anorexia and bulimia at various points in my life. I was convinced that I would struggle with this forever. I worked with shamans, healers, and therapists all over the world desperate for a “fix.” With the creative alchemy of all that I discovered and my own fierce commitment, I realized this was all so much more than just eating disorders. I discovered a wealth of wholeness, the delight of aliveness. I can finally say now, that I’m healed from my eating disorders.

With regard to yoga inspiration, I’ll admit I was enamoured with several lineages.

My teachings aren’t from one particular yoga lineage because that isn’t what set me free. Much of what I’ve learned is from sitting with myself, from my own experiments and dancing with life. I’ve gained wisdom from time spent understanding my own energy field and working with other peoples’ energy. I creatively synthesize whatever I encounter, transforming whatever I learn into something of my own.

With that said, I’ve had inspiration from any teacher, healer and shaman I’ve spent time with. I formally trained with 7 Centers Yoga Arts and Bihar School of Yoga as well as Forrest Yoga and Sarah Powers. I spent time with Jasmine Lieb and am so grateful for her genius expression of Yoga Therapeutics. I’m thankful to Leonid Sobeleff and our many trainings in biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and fell in love with this subtle approach to the body. There are so many teachers not named here, from whom I’ve learned so much. Life for me is one magnificent rainbow laboratory.

I’ve also worked intensively with Stephanie O’Conner in her own blend of spiritual psychology, the Barbara Brennan School for energy work, as well as Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing. Along with my own dedicated inner work and continued exploration of energy work, movement and self-honesty all of this has helped me finally get free from this disorder, step into my power, and to get off on being here on this planet.

Outside all of this, my commitment to creativity has been my greatest practice and love affair. We’re all here to light our God sparks.

I’ve been a nomad since I was young.

I was lucky to study in Europe during high school and go to the jungle for plant medicine when I was 19. The most significant travel for me was moving to Niger, West Africa at 20. There, along with having my own goats, I was involved in women’s rights and woke up to what’s really going on.

I’ve fallen in love with so many places on this planet.

In 2006 I sold everything I owned (again) and moved to Bali. I based myself there and started teaching in Asia, expanding throughout the rest of the world. With 15 years of being on tour, I have added a new country or two to my explorations each year.

People asked me how I did it and the answer is, I wanted to. I couldn’t not follow my dream.

The 2020 pandemic moved my teaching, mentoring and distance healing work online. Although I love being able to connect with my students all over, (I’m constantly calculating time zones), I admit I can’t wait to see you in real-time soon.

I’m creative by nature. One of my favorite ways to relax is to compose and if you give me a piano, I’ll play the songs of our souls.

I hope to see you somewhere on this magnificent planet.

With so much care,
~ Cat Kabira