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Cat Kabira Is A World-Renowned Yoga Teacher Trainer And
Master Of The Subtle Energetics Arts

Cat teaches individuals how to tune into their personal power and reconnect with their core truth.

Cat was born in New York, United States and grew up on the east coast and midwest. As a child she was always sick and energetically sensitive. She attended her first mystery school at the age of 9 and 10 in Saint Louis, MO to understand her connection with the invisible realms. That helped her discover that her sensitivities were her superpower.
When she was 14 she spent time with her first medicine man in Missouri and discovered the power of nature, sat in her first sweat lodge, and met her first spirit animal. Despite Cat’s early experiences, she still couldn’t make sense how to handle the turmoil in her personal and family life. This is when she turned to drugs, alcohol, stopped eating and started overexercising and overworking.
Also from age 4-9 she had a hard time with her gender identity and wanted to be a boy and called herself Christopher. Cat’s experiences around the world (especially her time in Bali) helped her understand, accept and love herself as a women and the powers that the feminine brings. Cat is passionate about gender and sexual empowerment and for everyone to find their truth within them.
Cat was initially going to follow her family lineage of becoming a doctor or an engineer but truly all she wanted to be was an artist and be free. As part of her University education studying English, French and African studies she lived in Niger, West Africa. Her motivation was to be healthy enough to go on the trip as at the time she was still suffering from her eating disorder and she wanted to see a world so different from her own. She studied djembe, sarewa and batik making; but her real initiation was in learning about women’s rights, contracting malaria and getting robbed at knife point. She ended up herding goats and became very passionate about women’s rights around the globe.

Cat’s yoga journey began at the age of eighteen at Boston University with a meditation course knowing that the key to healing was inside of her. After experiences with eating disorders, depression, physical and emotional abuse, sexual violence, as well as addiction to drugs and alcohol, conventional healing modalities weren’t working and she was desperate for a change. She showed up one Wednesday evening for a meditation practice and, suddenly, as Cat sat, she found what felt like a magical secret that was deep inside her simply waiting to be discovered – that she was one with everything. As her meditation practice evolved, she found ways to sit with and heal old trauma, pain, discomfort, sadness, fear, and anger. She began to create space for rest and relaxation – primary tools for self-healing. In conjunction with her meditation practice, Cat began her journey with asana and pranayama. What “hooked” Cat with yoga wasn’t so much the asana poses but the stillness between the poses. That’s when she could feel sensations that were almost magical; she began to celebrate her strength, and her body “spoke” to her while also healing itself. Cat’s journey with the subtle energetic arts began early in her life and she continued to explore as she got older through therapy and in studies with shamans and other energetic healers including osteopaths, Native American guides, medicine men, palmists, psychotherapists, craniosacral therapists, and psychics.

While Cat has been influenced by many – in regards to her yoga practice her greatest influences and support have been many, including Mimi Eagleton, Ana Forrest, 7 Centers Yoga Arts (Bihar School of Yoga), and Jasmine Lieb. She gives special thanks to Richard Lanza, Pat Iyer (who trained her in palmistry as well as in moon ceremony) and Open Doors for the support and how much they encouraged her to create and play in both yoga and the energetic arts.
She has trained both as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist primarily with Leonid Sobeleff as well as with the Upledger Institute – including somato-emotional release. She gives thanks to Jeanne Dooley who had trained with the Four Winds Society who awakened within her the power of creativity within shamanic work. She was trained as a firewalking instructor by Tolly Burkan in 2005. She is grateful for her special encounter with aboriginal Uncle Bob Randall who taught her all about the importance of soft eyes and being brothers and sisters to the elements.
She has been working privately with Stephanie O’Connor for five years for her own personal growth and through Stephanie has learned a language around spiritual psychology, eating disorder psychology, somatic experiencing therapy, and has had tastes of the Barbara Brennan School.

Cat’s work has taken her around the globe multiple times to places including Bali (her home since 2006), the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, and South and Central America. In addition to her work on the mat, she is a lover of learning and playing who enjoys time on the trapeze, bouncing on her trampoline, composing on the piano, writing, and exploring other movement modalities such as mat and reformer pilates, the Gyrotonic System, dance (including classical ballet and poledance), and the aerial arts.
She also has two cats and loves animals, insects and plants.

Her innovative style invites you to
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Cat takes you on a journey. This isn’t yoga as you may know it. You will traverse the ummarked roads of your own experience through movement, subtle energetics, sound, and feeling. This is your initiation on the path to set you free.

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