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Yogic Vision Quest

Yogic Vision Quest (Yoga Nidra)

Join Cat Kabira in her signature “Yogic Vision Quest.” Drop down into the deeper currents in your system and connect to a deeper level of relaxation through the art of storytelling. Discover the power of your imagination as you access a state of dreamtime and deeper layers of your subconscious and unconscious state. This is your time to connect to your inner magic and creative self.

Cat offers this both as a standalone course and as part of her Biodynamic Yin practices and energy trainings.  She also offers online and in-person workshops for you to learn how to do this as well.

Yoga Nidra Sample Workshop: Yoga Vision Quest (6 Hours)

In this one-day workshop, Cat will take you on her signature Yogic Vision Quest, where you will learn about the art of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). Based on the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati along with Cat Kabira’s inclusion of accessing shamanic dreamtime and the imagination, you will learn how to connect into the subconscious levels of yourself for deeper awareness, communication and transformation.  We’ll also cover guided meditation and the different kinds of meditations you can offer to match your intentions and needs of the students.

During this workshop, you will learn:

  •      Why the theta state is so powerful
  •      How to practice, create, and sequence a Yoga Nidra
  •      The power of your voice
  •      Accessing Your Own Imagination
  •      The history of Yoga Nidra and it’s power
  •      How to take others on a Vision Quest
  •      What the brain wave states are and how Yoga Nidra gives us the opportunity to move more through gamma and theta

Benefits of practicing Yoga Nidra can include:

  •      Improvement with stress related diseases (including: high blood pressure, asthma and chronic headaches)
  •      Increased memory and learning ability
  •      Reduce insomnia
  •      Decreased feelings of anxiety and depression
  •      Improved functioning of your nervous and endocrine systems
  •      Improved cell regeneration and repair
  •      Connect you to your waking Dream state
  •      Access to your subconscious states

Cat has created the “Yogic Vision Quest” that takes the guided imagery to another level in which you learn how to journey through your own waking dream state and connect to your own inner symbology. You have opportunities to clarify and purify different layers of your being as well as reconnect to the power of your own imagination and the richness of communication that your inner world brings.

Prepare to learn something new and have fun!
Suggested resource: Yoga Nidra, by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
*Participants have the opportunity to earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit for this course.

Cat’s Yogic Vision Quest is for practitioners of all levels.
If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact us at