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I’ve been teaching yoga since 2002. These days you can find me in-person in Bali (or if I surprise you in another part of the world) as well as online.

No matter what class I teach, my personal style is presence. When I walk into the room, I ground myself and tune in with you. What’s here today? What needs to be met within ourselves? 

Show up as you are...

I’ve dedicated myself not to asana in its ever-changing form but to the body and how spirit speaks through the body.

As Rumi says, “There are thousands of ways to kneel and kiss the ground,” and so is the exceptional way that we get to meet our daily ever-changing selves. I love movement and in my dynamic practices have stepped out of “traditional” practices so that you can take space in a new curious way to discover new spaces inside and new ways to challenge and play.

My dynamic practices are known as strong and sweaty and playful and there’s always a depth and energetic space for you to drop into. Just like in music, space to drop in and silence is a necessity. You’ll never know what’s going to show up but I guarantee it will be fun, powerful and you’ll leave gleaming.

I love teaching subtle and somatic practices in my gentle flow. This is where you can develop a deeper multi-dimensional relationship with yourself. It's perfect for healing injuries and to create a depth of connection as you explore the magical nuances of yourself.

Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts

Show up as you are:
exhausted, moody, heartbroken, anxious, tired, happy.
And all those nuances in-between.
It’s your space not to do as I say, but for you to be held as you go on your inner journey. 

Your body is magical.

Biodymic Yin and Vision Quests

In terms of my more restorative practices, I teach what I call “biodynamic yin” and “vision quests.”

This is where I weave my energetic work more overtly into the room and it’s your space to feel your subtle body and undercurrents perhaps in completely new ways. Just like my energy work is focused on creating a safe space for trust so that a deeper listening can happen, you have this space with me in the room - and you also begin to cultivate that relationship with yourself and for yourself.

If you love Yoga Nidra, try out my "Yogic Vision Quest" where you go on your own inner shamanic journey and explore waking dream time as well as safely exploring your astral body.

I look forward to meet you soon ,whether in-person or online.

Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts


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