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The Kabira Core Flow

The Kabira Core Flow – A blend of Hatha and Slow-Vinyasa Masterclass with Cat Kabira

For those of you interested in a more dynamic practice that synthesizes structural and energetic alignment – come prepared to practice and play in a new way! This Hatha and Slow Vinyasa Masterclass will nourish and strengthen your body, mind, and soul. Cat’s known for her creative sequence that plays with longer holds as well as more flowing movement for you to drop in, feel, and move in a way that’s both pleasurable and powerful.

We will utilize meditation, breath, hatha, and a slower-vinyasa style as we journey through the body.  An exploration of the skillful use of the breath, your pelvic floor, and the entire core of being will enrich, refresh, and release your system in new ways – physically, emotionally, and energetically.

This is a great way to establish a mindful foundation in your practice if you’re newer on the mat. If you’ve been practicing for a while, this will help you access new ways to connect into your body. For those with chronic tension or pain, you will find a refreshing way to ease this area.  A class with Cat is both deeply healing and equally inspiring as blockages on many levels can be transformed and the current of joy reawakened.

You will leave this Masterclass feeling grounded, inspired, and connected.  Depending on the students, sometimes this class will be a gentler practice and sometimes we play with a little more fire.

The Kabira Core Flow is for practitioners of all levels.
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