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Take your practice to a deeper, more fulfilling level with a private yoga session with Cat!

While group yoga classes are magical, if you truly want to up-level and transform your practice, taking some private sessions with Cat is the way to go.
Students discover that even one session brings new possibilities and growth for months to come.

Your private session with Cat can assist if you are:

  • Looking for refinement of your own alignment
  • Wanting to take the struggle and/or fear out of your practice
  • Desiring to create a connection and deeper awareness to your whole body on a physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energetic level
  • Ready to bring healing to a new or recurring injury
  • Looking for a new way of embodying your practice- Wanting to “jump-start” your practice -Seeking inspiration on the mat

The beauty of the body and this practice is that all of us are different – and have different needs.  Learning how to work with your specific system is a critical aspect in making your practice the most beneficial it can be.  You will advance much more quickly working one-on-one with Cat as you will have direct feedback, guidance and immediate adjustments.

Private sessions are tailor-made to your direct needs and desires. You will find benefits on a structural level and, if needed, energetic and emotional support.

Privates can include work with:

  • Alignment of poses
  • Understanding your own habits and breaking and creating new ones
  • Yoga/Biodynamic Energetics fusion (a 40 minute practice with subtle energetic and craniosacral support at the end)
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Sequencing – how to create your own self-practice
  • How to dissolve blockages in the body
  • Support for Yoga Teachers – how to deepen your own practice, refinement of your own teaching skills
  • Working with the Chakras
  • Yogic Vision Quest: Learn how to share Yoga Nidra and Cat’s specialized Vision Quest with individuals and groups


private individual sessions

$165 – per hour
$215 – 90 minutes

semi privates (group of 5 or more)

$215 – per hour
$260 – 90 minutes

*Note: rates may increase if travel and/or special preparation time is involved.

OR Please contact Cat directly to book your session.

More with Cat

Cat also is available for Private Yoga Teacher Trainings – for individuals and groups. As these programs are tailor-made, Please contact Cat directly for pricing and availability.