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Kabira Energetic Healing: in person or online

Transform your life with Kabira Energetic Healing:

Cat Kabira’s powerful blend of Biodynamic Biomechanical Craniosacral Therapy, Somatics, and Shamanic work.

*PRICING SPECIAL OFFER available through August 2020

We understand that during this Corona Virus Shutdown in the majority of the World, times have changed for some of us. For those of you truly in need and even the special offer isn’t affordable, we do offer scholarship options. Please contact us directly to see what’s possible. Or download and return via email our scholarship form.

$150/hour – first-time student (available only for your first session)
$165/hour (single session)
$80 for 30 minutes.
$215 for 90 minutes.
$450 for 3 one hour-long sessions (expires in 3 months)
$1400 for 10 one hour-long sessions (expires in 10 months)

A Kabira Energetic Healing session with Cat Kabira utilizes her unique style of working with subtle energy. During a session, her powerful energetic work includes a blend of her training in Biodynamic and Biomechanical Craniosacral therapy, somatics, and shamanic work.

But more than anything, these sessions are derived from Cat’s own personal sensitivity, the gifts she was born with. Derived from her own healing journey, consistently working with herself, determined to heal and be free from her own pain.

Cat works with your undercurrents and subconscious – the patterns that inform your life, however much you may not be aware of. Part of this work is dependent upon your willingness to step into new parts of yourself, as well as shed what you are ready to release.

While the history of your life shows up in your body and your energy field, during a session we will begin to experience that which we are ready to face in our own life. We could say the session itself is the activator and then you may be “cooking” and integrating for several days afterwards.

Her highly sensitive, skilful way of meeting and holding space for you at your deeper core levels facilitates an extremely profound experience that may even be life-changing.

Although one session may be enough for you, it is very valuable to schedule a series of sessions over a period of time to continue and finish the process you started with the initial session. Cat works both in-person and online. Both modalities are equally powerful.

Cat has experience in working with various age groups and populations around the world. While she can assist with many issues, her specialties include:

  • Pain relief
  • Grounding
  • Feeling safe in your own body and wanting to exist here on this planet
  • Learning to assert yourself and be seen (and not play small)
  • Taking responsibility for your own power and lifeforce
  • Safely feel your feelings and understand how to healthily process past trauma, especially physical, sexual, emotional abuse
  • Learn how to befriend your anger and grief. The process and ritual of grieving in our life
  • Understanding entities in your own field
  • How our pain body expresses itself in a physical way and how to meet our own pain
  • Working with digestive issues as well as any associated emotions
  • Creating healthy boundaries and how to healthily function as an empath
  • Eating disorders

Kabira Energetic Healing sessions may also help:

  • Instil deeper relaxation and stillness in the body
  • Relieve physical pain: back, knee, jaw, shoulder, neck, headaches, tension in the body
  • Alleviates vertigo
  • Working with Anxiety
  • Build confidence in stepping forward into what truly matters to you (and letting go of what no longer serves you)
  • Relieve chronic and recent physical pain
  • Insomnia
  • Working through addictions
  • Uncover and work with Karmic and Ancestral Patterns
  • Discover and “reweave” the holes in your field
  • Create more flow in your body and strengthen your life force
  • Support Pre- and Post-natal systems for both mother and child
  • Colicky babies or babies who had a difficult birth (very gentle)
  • Provide support for children with emotional and behavioural challenges including autism and digestive issues
  • Resolve patterns created in utero and during birth
  • Working with the field of the family (which can involve some or all family members being present or working more in a family constellation style) - Kabira Energetics Healing Sesssions

What does a Kabira Energetic Healing Session look like?

Whether you have booked a 60 or 90 minute session, please arrive early to allow some time before the session begins and for after its completion, as you may need some time to both prepare as well as digest.

Setting your Intention: Once your appointment is confirmed, you will be asked to fill out an application and consider what your intention is for the session. The intention is important as it will help your own process of self-healing. Before the session begins you will have time to briefly share what’s going on for you.

During the session: you will remain fully clothed, lying comfortably on a massage table. This practice is non-invasive, while at times the work can happen without even being directly touched, working on the layers of your energy field off-body. There is nothing for you as the client to do except for relax – similar to the state of savāsana at the end of a yoga session.

Each session is different for every client and it is dependent both on what your body is ready to release and what is “up” for you. Communication and listening is continuously happening to ensure that you feel safe and supported, as sometimes it may feel quite intense. - Kabira Energetic Healing Sessions

Below are some of what you may or may not experience:

  • You may feel tingly sensations or that of temperature changes.
  • You might notice that your body starts to make small or potentially larger involuntary movements as it begins to “unwind.”
  • You may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep or you go into a deeper healing state in which it’s almost like you are consciously dreaming.
  • It is possible to experience unexpressed emotions that are ready to come to the surface.
  • You also may receive visions during this time.
  • There is also chance that you feel nothing at all while the work is happening.

All of these experiences are “normal.”


Clients are recommended to not schedule anything else after your Kabira Energetic Healing session; it is suggested that you allow yourself to merely rest, as to allow time for integration.

Sometimes it will take a day to process, sometimes a week or even a month. Several clients have remarked how life-changing one session is. You have to be ready for what ever may be.

Sessions for Children:

Sessions for Children are usually 15-45 minutes. It’s important to give them time to eat and rest afterwards. Some may be really hungry or potentially grumpy and needing to sleep. Some children may feel energized and very playful.

It is up to the parent and child to collectively decide whether the parent is in the room during the session or the parent should wait outside. Those with younger children, it is recommended that the parent or guardian stay in the room.

If you are over the age of 16, it is important that you choose the session for yourself.

*Family Sessions are also available.

Frequency of Sessions

Some clients have found one session within itself quite powerful. If you’re new, we highly suggest the Introductory Package to offer some continued support and context after your first session.

Depending on what you are working with, sessions once or twice a week may be beneficial (even once every two weeks or once a month).

Integration time between sessions is important so it is recommended that at least 3 days are spaced between sessions. - Kabira Energetics Healing Sessions

Original Prices & Packages

[Please see new special discounted prices on the top of this page]

If you’re new to Kabira Energetic Healing Sessions, we recommend our “Introductory Package” as a follow-up and additional support can help reinforce the work.

  • Introductory Package (new clients only): 1 90 minute session with a 30 minute follow up and an option to add an additional session. Includes personalized homework and practices for additional support. $299, additional one-hour session in this package is $140
  • The Magic 3: 3 one-hour sessions, online or in-person: $490
  • 3-month Intensive: 2 sessions/month with personalized homework and practices in-between and a weekly email check-in. $999 *option to up-level to 4 sessions/month for 3 months for $1750
  • 10 sessions over 6 months: (6 month package): $1500
  • One-off Support: a 60 minutes: $175 and 90 minutes: $250

When you book your Kabira Energetic Healing session or package, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. Please fill it out as thoroughly and honestly as you can, recognizing that this form is fully confidential, seen by Cat Kabira only.

You will have the option to pay directly through our website OR to pay via bank transfer, paypal or transferwise.

Once we receive your application, we will schedule your first session. We will need to know your time zone(s) and time preferences as well and we will email you back with options. Your appointment is not confirmed until we receive payment.

In rare cases, Cat may decide that she’s not the right fit for your session and will give you a full refund.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, we need 48 hour notice otherwise full payment is required.


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