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Private Sessions With Cat Kabira, in Person or Online

Cat offers Kabira Energetic Healing Sessions as well as Yoga Privates.
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A Kabira Energetic Healing session with Cat Kabira utilizes her unique style of working with subtle energy. During a session, her powerful energetic work includes a blend of her training in Biodynamic and Biomechanical Craniosacral therapy, somatics, and shamanic work. - Kabira Energetics Healing Sesssions

While group yoga classes are magical, if you truly want to up-level and transform your practice, taking some private sessions with Cat is the way to go. Students discover that even one session brings new possibilities and growth for months to come. Sessions may be in person or online.



Available through August 2020

We understand that during this Corona Virus Shutdown in the majority of the World, times have changed for some of us. For those of you truly in need and even the special offer isn’t affordable, we do offer scholarship options. Please contact us directly to see what’s possible. Or download and return via email our scholarship form.

$150/hourfirst-time student (available only for your first session)
$165/hour (single session)
$80 for 30 minutes.
$215 for 90 minutes.
$420 for 3 one hour sessions (expires in 3 months)
$1300 for 10 one hour sessions (expires in 10 months) - virtual yoga studio, purchase online yoga classes, free online yoga classes

Connection, Community and Personalized Support

This is energetic work – whether we are talking about yoga or healing – you will train with Cat Kabira in new ways, enabling you to sense and support yourself and eventually to support others. As a facilitator, this does require extra attention to your specific needs. For these online trainings it’s important to me to continue to offer my presence, with the same level of potency, just as I would if we were in the room together.