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Yoga DVD

A Journey to Your Core Strength

Included is a 90 minute flow and a 90 minute teaching break-down giving you access to more in-depth knowledge on the alignment and energetics of each pose. For you abdominal lovers – there are 3 different sets of abdominal exercises to choose from!

This dvd is designed for practitioners of all levels whether it’s your first time on the mat or you’ve been on the mat for lifetimes. When practicing the flow, if you want more details on a specific pose or sequence, go to the breakdown to watch it explained in more depth.

Your yoga practice is a personal one. You have your own body history, your own tweaks and places of tightness, those spaces that you’d love to avoid, and those places where it’s easy for you to fly. And you’re constantly changing. So get on the mat, find out what your truth is for that moment, breathe into those spaces that are asking for attention, nurture yourself, experiment, and play. Take this time to listen to your body’s messages on both the gross physical plane and the softer space of subtler sensations.

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When I’m teaching about the core, it’s not just about the abs. Your core is your own very center, your heart, your guts, your soul. It’s that space inside of yourself that, no matter how chaotic everything is and no matter what has fallen apart, there’s that central place of peace and stability…perhaps even with a hue of joy.

The journey inside is a personal journey. No one can walk it for you. No one can tell you how intense, surprising or magnificent it is. You have to walk it yourself. You contain all that you’re looking for. You can’t buy it, read about it, be taught it, or told about it.
All you do is go inside, trust, feel, and listen. ENJOY X

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