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Purchase Online Yoga Classes

Below are a selection of pre-recorded classes for purchase, so you can watch and train at your convenience from the comfort of your own home.

Gentle Yoga

Here you can taste some Gentle Yoga Practices – designed for all bodies. Slower more mindful practices that cultivate a deeper awareness and connection to your body and breath. 1. Yoga for Neck and Shoulders: In this 38 minute practice..

Flow Yoga

Slow, Mindful, Playful, and Fun is how these practices are characterized. Designed for students who already have a practice – as more detailed explanations are not included simply to maintain the practice and flow.

Energy 101

There is a thread that pulls together the visible and invisible. The power of our sensitivity. The moment we take ownership of how we perceive the subtle realms, our whole way of embodying ourselves, our space, and our time with others shifts.

Chair Yoga

By popular demand, Cat’s created 2 chair yoga videos (designed for practitioners who may have some limited mobility and would like to begin or continue their yoga practice and to practice in a chair.

Yoga Nidra

Journey Through the Womb: A Yogic Vision Quest with Cat Kabira. A yoga nidra geared towards women: This inner journey connects and brings online spaces within your pelvic floor and reproductive system.