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Mentoring and Coaching with Cat Kabira: in-person and online support

With 20+ years of professional experience as a yoga teacher and healer working with the subtle energies, Cat Kabira offers mentoring and coaching sessions both in-person and on-line, supporting those new to yoga, just completed a teacher training, or long time teachers / energy healers needing to grow their business.

As a practitioner of any healing art, it is essential to fully embody what we share, in order to authentically hold space for others. Thus finding ways to both support ourselves and to feel supported is essential for any practitioner.

These mentoring / coaching sessions are created to support you both in your personal life and your career as a teacher, healer and/or energy worker. Depending upon your specific needs, these sessions could be a mix of mentoring, insight, as well as Kabira Energetic Healing sessions.

Mentoring and Coaching Sessions are offered both in-person and remotely

$150/hour – first-time student (available only for your first session)
$175/hour (single session)
$235 for 90 minutes
$480 for 3, one hour-long session
$775 for 5, one hour-long sessions (expires in 5 months)
$1100 for 5 ninety minute sessions
$1500 for 10 one hour-long sessions (expires in 10 months)


How these Mentoring and Coaching Sessions with Cat Kabira may help you…

Personal Development Guidance in:

  • Owning your Core Desires.
  • Your Life, Your Yoga: How to live with Integrity and Connection to your Soul Passion.
  • Dissolve energetic, physical, mental and emotional blocks that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Practices to help you manifest (letting go to trust the wave).
  • Living your truth and soul purpose
  • Health ways to feel your emotions.
  • Transforming Trauma.
  • Self-Healing.
  • Space to meet yourself at a deeper level.

NOTE: Many other areas are covered in the Kabira Energetics Healing sessions and can be included in the mentoring and personal development.
When you fill out your application, clarifying your needs, we will be able to design the best program for your support.

Practitioners, Teachers and Healers may receive any of the following Guidance in:

  • Integrating your trainings.
  • Your personalized private yoga training in either foundation or advanced level practices.
  • Building your confidence as a teacher by honing your teaching skills such as: sequencing, cueing, giving both hands on and energetic assists / adjustments, body reading, working with your voice, and managing the classroom.
  • Energy mentoring and training: working with energy within the classroom, both hands-on as well as distance healing.
  • Holding space and work with the energy field both for groups as well as individuals
  • Understanding how your own wounds/hooks can play out in a session or class with your students and learn how to navigate them clearly. How to keep your room “clear”.
  • Understanding what protection and clarity truly are.
  • Understanding your own boundaries and field in your personal life as well as when working with others.
  • Creating true safety and grounding for yourself or anyone with whom you are working.
  • Utilizing tools for safely as well as knowing your limits while working with those with trauma.

Guidance for your yoga business may include:

  • Managing your yoga business in a way that’s authentic and in alignment with who you are.
  • Starting your teaching career in your community or online, keeping in mind all the tools and steps Involved.
  • Working internationally as a yoga teacher.
  • Creating your first workshop, retreat, or teacher training.

Mentoring and Coaching with Cat Kabira Testimonials

It’s truly beyond words to describe all the amazing work Cat and I have done together. I have been taking private sessions (in person and via Skype) with Cat for the past 5 years. Cat’s ability to help me with any situation I find myself in, any emotion that has surfaced, any amount of unhelpful thought patterns I may be trapped in, is absolutely unparalleled. After each session it’s truly magical the peace I feel inside, and the changes I am then able to step into in my life. Cat’s commitment to me and my growth has equalled my commitment to myself every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to help me in my journey!

Erin Canada November 7, 2017



You will have the option to pay directly through our website OR to pay via bank transfer, paypal or transferwise.

Customizable Mentoring and Coaching with Cat Kabira packages may also be available, upon understanding your needs, intention, and vision.

Do contact us directly for more information.

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    When you book your session or package, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. Please fill it out as thoroughly and honestly as you can, recognizing that this form is fully confidential, seen by Cat Kabira only.

    Once we receive your application, we will schedule your first session. We will need to know your time zone(s) and time preferences as well and we will email you back with options. Your appointment is not confirmed until we receive payment.

    If you need to cancel or reschedule, we need 48 hour notice otherwise full payment is required.

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    Cancellation & Refund Policy for Private Sessions

    I understand that if I cancel a session within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment, I am charged 100% as a cancellation fee. I understand that after payment is processed, no refund is possible.

    I understand that if I am more than 15 minutes late to my appointment, online or in person, my appointment is immediately cancelled. This includes reasons such as forgetting appointment time, not being aware of time zones, or having technical difficulties. Missed appointments cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

    Energetic Work is in essence, a practice of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.

    I recognize that I participate in any private energy and/or mentoring session with Cat Kabira, online or in person, at my own risk.  [READ FULL WAIVER]