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Mentoring with Cat Kabira

Whether you’re beginning your yoga journey and need support, have just completed your first yoga teacher training, or are a long-time teacher, Cat offers mentoring sessions that take place both in-person and on-line. As part of your mentoring journey, these sessions may include biodynamic energetic healing.

How these sessions can help…


  • Owning your Core Desires
  • Your Life, Your Yoga: How to live with Integrity and Connection to your Soul Passion
  • Dissolve Energetic, Physical, Mental and Emotional Blocks that Prevent you from Moving Forward
  • Practices to Help You Manifest (and let go and trust the wave)
  • Living Your Truth and Soul Purpose
  • How to Healthily Feel Your Feelings
  • Transformation of Trauma

Yoga Practitioners and Teachers:

  • A personalized self-practice in asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra to help you with your current transformation as well as working with sensations
  • Integrating Your First Teacher Training
  • Honing Your Teaching Skills; Sequencing, Cues, Assists and Adjusts, Body Reading, Working with Voice, Managing the Classroom, Building Your Confidence as a Teacher

Your Yoga Business

  • How to Run Your Yoga Business in a way that’s Authentic and in Alignment with Who You are
  • How to Start Your Teaching Career in Your Community or Online and the Tools and Steps Involved
  • Working Internationally as a Yoga Teacher
  • How to Create Your First Workshop, Retreat, or Teacher Training
  • Working with Budgets and Bookkeeping

Mentoring sessions are $200USD/hour. Discounts are available for long-term work and pre-purchased sessions.

Private mentoring in Biodynamic Energetics both on a personal level and working with others is also available. Contact Cat directly at for more information.