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Kabira School of Energy: Certification Process

While enrolled in the Kabira School of Energy, what is the Certification Process to begin working as a certified Kabira Energetics Healer?

In order to ensure quality and safety in your work as a practitioner, pose no risk for your clients or yourself, as well as qualify to be insured by IEHA, please note the following standards for our Kabira School of Energy certification process.

Requirements for Starting the Kabira School of Energy Certification Process:

After completing Level 1 Connection and Level 2 Going Deeper and the total of 45 hours of documented practice sessions, students are qualified to begin the certification process, enabling them to give sessions, using the names Kabira Energetics and the Kabira School of Energy.

The Kabira School of Energy Certification Process Details:

The following steps must be completed in order to qualify as a certified Kabira Energetics Healer.

  1. Energy 101, an online course that you can start any time, as preparatory work before starting the hands-on practices
  2. After completing the hands-on course Level 1 Connection, the student shall give 20 hours of practice sessions, including an optional (yet suggested) Feedback Session with Cat.
  3. After completing the hands-on course Level 2 Going Deeper, the student shall give 25 hours of practice sessions. It is at this point that a Feedback Session with Cat is required. This session will provide necessary guidance as the student proceeds further towards their certification.
  4. The student then shall complete a total of 45 hours of practice sessions; (20 hours within Level 1 + 25 hours within Level 2).
  5. The student may signup for Mentoring Sessions and additional Feedback Sessions at any time during the certification process, for an extra fee.
  6. Before earning their certificate, the student shall complete a Final Practicum with Cat.

Upon completing all above and getting approved by Cat, students can proudly call themselves a certified practitioner of Kabira Energetics.

More About Feedback Sessions:

As students progress through their course work, the first part of this Certification Process is Feedback Sessions with Cat. In this part of the process, the student will give a healing session to Cat. After which they will receive feedback and guidance regarding how to proceed. This is to ensure quality of the work and to help students progress as a healer in training. The feedback session can both be in person and online via Skype or Zoom.

  • At least one feedback session is required to determine your readiness to continue the certification process.
  • More feedback sessions are available throughout the certification process at a special student rate.


Kabira School of Energy - accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association, IEHAThe Kabira School of Energy and Kabira Energetics are accredited by the International Energetic Healing Association, IEHA. Once you get certified as a Kabira Energetics practitioner, you can become a member of IEHA and enjoy the benefits that IEHA has to offer for a discounted price.

Read more about IEHA and its benefits.



The Kabira School of Energy, Cat Kabira and her team are not legally responsible for any work carried out by students. [READ MORE]