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Welcome to The Kabira School of Energy

The Kabira School of Energy is your opportunity to meet the invisible, connect with your intuitive healing power, and develop the skills to align yourself with your true path on this planet.

Energetic Work is in essence, a practice of self-empowerment and self-responsibility. Cat supports students to develop their own authentic relationships with the invisible world of energy. With high standards, she firmly and lovingly trains students to refine their relationships with themselves, others, and the whole universe.

Cat started The Kabira School of Energy after years of intense study, self-work, and holding space for others. Her competency in shamanic work, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, spiritual psychology, and other modalities, along with her own experiences and training in somatic experiencing make Cat’s work an amalgam of what she has found personally useful. Simply, she calls her integrated style “Kabira Energetics.” In these trainings you’ll learn how to become aware of what’s invisible, access your own innate wisdom, and build skills for healing and helping others.

Your course of study may include:

  • Online instruction via Zoom and private Facebook groups
  • Week-long In-Person Courses
  • Shorter In-Person Workshops in hands-on and off body energy work
  • In-Person Advanced trainings that integrate teaching yoga and working with subtle energy

Upcoming Kabira School of Energy In-Person Trainings

Previously recorded online trainings available for purchase and download… coming soon.

Learn about our Certification Process

In order to ensure quality and safety in your work as a practitioner, pose no risk for your clients or yourself, as well as qualify to be insured by International Energetic Healing Association (IHEA), please note the following standards for our certification process.

After completing Level 1 Connection and Level 2 Going Deeper and the total of 45 hours of documented practice sessions, students are qualified to begin the certification process, enabling them to give sessions, using the names Kabira Energetics and the Kabira School of Energy.


Contact us for enrolment, more information or any questions.

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