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"Tune in to your truth. Tune in to your system. Tune in to your transformation. This is Initiation."

Level One is Initiation. Your initiation involves working with your own subtle body, psychology, and chakras. It is the reknitting of your field and becoming intimate with who you really are. You encounter your unique system and begin to honor it.

Are you ready?

Are you interested in your own personal transformation, empowerment, and how to honor your own sensitivity? This immersion offers you valuable practices, tools, and deep experiences in working with yourself.

Before we learn how to work with another person’s energy field, it is vital that we can sense and understand our own.

In this week-long immersion you will begin to learn how to:

  • Ground and Center
  • Feel Safe within Yourself and Self-Trust
  • Own your Boundaries
  • Sense the holes in your field, how they get created and how to re-knit
  • Own Your Power of Pleasure
  • Intimately listen to yourself
  • Feel Your Own Undercurrents (the patterns in your body that influence how you are but you may not usually be aware of them)
  • Feel how your body uniquely speaks your truth to you
  • Sense where your personal blockages are physically, mentally, and emotionally and how to dissolve them
  • Connect with your Ancestors
  • Own Your Voice and Your Power to Create
  • Trust Your Gut and Heal your Digestion
  • Honor Your Fierceness
  • Dance with Love and Loss: The Art of Forgiveness
  • Honor Your Deeper Longings
  • Purify your Senses: Honoring Your Feelings
  • Know your unique system and begin to honor it
  • Practice Cat Kabira’s Yoga Vision Quest and connect with your power of Dreaming

This week-long immersion plants seeds that may take months and even years to refine and develop. This is your opportunity to connect with yourself in a new and powerful way.

Stay posted for upcoming Initiations around the world!

As students of Cat say, “Life-changing isn’t just a tagline.” Are you ready to dive deep and transform the way you see yourself, others and the world you live in? Are you ready to ignite your whole being and step fully into your truth?