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Going Deeper

Cat Kabira Biodynamic Energetics: Going Deeper
A Six-Day Training

Journey Further. Go Deeper. The Infinite.

The beauty of this “work” (which at some point we just want to call “play”) is that it’s never done.

So if you’re reading this, you’re either considering taking the “hands-on” energy training or you already have taken Connection and know how fabulous it is and you just want to immerse yourself even more!

Even though we call this “hands-on” work – in this course we actually get to work “off body.” This is your space to uplevel your super-senses. We also get to work in more detail with the body. And, as we are always getting our own personal uplevels as we hold space for others, you get another round of deep transformation for you. In Connection we invited in the Art of the Feminine – the power of listening, following, just being with what is and seeing the potency that emerges. We are truly navigating our self as the Witness and we continue to respect that force. This time, we also bring in the Art of the Masculine. What does healthy intention look like? And – how to discern when to wait and stay and when to actually “do”?

In this experiential hands-on course we take everything deeper. This is what we will cover:

  • Deepen your energetic language, uplevel your super-senses and sensitivity
  • Refine your listening, surrender and “being with abilities”: The Art of Feminine
  • Allowing Source to move through you
  • Deepen your relationship to Ground
  • Perceiving the Multi-layers of the Field and working off-body (not touching the body physically with your hands)
  • Understanding the body in more detail (in this course we will focus on the face more as well as integrate the rest of the body)
  • Ancestral work and cording

As always, we keep these groups small for you to receive the space you need and to maintain support.

Next upcoming training is October 12-17, 2020. You can find all info here!

Please note: This course requires three pre-requisites to be completed before registering for this training.
The pre-requisites are:

Energy 101 (online course)
As well as a minimum of having given 20 sessions since Connection