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Energy 101

"Your Sensitivity is your Superpower."

There is a thread that pulls together the visible and invisible. The power of our sensitivity. The moment we take ownership of how we perceive the subtle realms, our whole way of embodying ourselves, our space, and our time with others shifts. When we tap into the undercurrents of our system, we tap into the connection we have with all that is, including multi-dimensional planes of existence.

We were all born inherently connected and sensitive. Over time, due to social, familial, and ancestral patterns, we lose this precious capability to feel and sense deeply.

We have the choice to tune back in. We have the choice to reclaim our power and to recognize our sensitivity for what it is…a superpower that enables us to live fully.

About the Course

This online program covers basic concepts of energy as well as the fundamental principles of perception. You will receive a downloadable course journal, video lectures, guided meditation, and Cat’s signature Yogic Vision Quest.

This course covers:

  • What do we mean by “Energy”?
  • Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower: The Importance of Feeling Your Feelings and How to Feel Them
  • Why Trusting Yourself Is So Essential
  • Being an Empath: What does it mean and how to Use it as a Superpower
  • The Importance of Boundaries (and how to start having healthy boundaries)
  • Inhabiting Your Core: Being Centered and Grounded (includes a meditation practice)
  • How to Perceive
  • What do we mean by “Undercurrents”?
  • The importance of Self-Care
  • Exploring your subtle energies (include a Yogic Vision Quest)

You can also contact Cat for any private support you may need throughout the course (please note this support is an additional fee outside of the course tuition).

This online course is a prerequisite for the Kabira School of Energy Level One Initiation course as well as any of the advanced work with Cat Kabira.

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