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Hands-On Energy Work

If you’re interested in learning how to work with energy and practice hands-on healing on others, the Connection course is your place to begin it.

In this course, you will be trained in Cat’s Biodynamic Energetics, which is a mixture of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, feminine shamanic arts, and of course, Cat’s own magic. It includes hands-on and hands-off practices as we hold space for one another. We will play with perception in new ways and discover our personal way to see and sense the field and subtle energy in another person’s body. This immersion is structured in a way that you will be able to share a 60 minute session with someone on your own. However, more than anything, this course is created for you to discover your inner connection and finding your own magic!

To support our hands-on energy work, we have movement, yoga, breath, and energy practices to center, meet, and prepare us each day as we learn how to meet ourselves moment to moment and meet one another. This is a space where, simultaneously, healing and clarification will happen for everyone included.

What you will learn and put into practice:

  • What grounding truly is
  • The art of entering space
  • The power of presence
  • Perceiving beyond our 5 senses
  • Your unique way of listening/sensing
  • Different hand positions and techniques
  • Being the Witness
  • The importance of self-trust
  • How to remain neutral and clear
  • The need for boundaries
  • Allowing and following the flow
  • Surrender
  • The power of the Feminine
  • The activation of new parts of your brains (that is, stepping out of the rational limitations and into the Source of the Universe)
  • How to be an healthy empath
  • Understanding your blockages, projections, transference, perceptions

This is your initiation into a whole new world

Beyond “the reality” and what we “know is true”, there is something more. There is a greater flow that simply just knows the way… and really, our only task as humans is to allow it to flow. The body has the wisdom to heal itself and when we allow that force, we can really be of service to others. During the Connection training, we will connect to this potent source that is in and around all of us called the Field. We will gently enter each other’s space and learn that the most powerful work is sometimes so much softer and subtler than we may think.  

Healing is not about doing. We can’t fix each other. Instead, what we discover is that when we stop trying, stop doing, stop pleasing, and allow the force to move through us, we become the witness of the body’s wisdom to heal itself. As someone working with energy work and healing, the greatest gift we can give others is to hold space for someone as they themselves are allowing the currents to run through their system and body. You will learn the art of holding space for someone to connect to their own inner healer.

You will already have a profound awakening simply discovering to let go and feel the flow in another. And through this, the healing arises on a physical, mental, emotional, karmic and ancestral level. This is your intimate meeting with “undoing” and discovering the grace that moves through us in an effortless way when we stop trying. It is really just the magic that has always been here -we’ve just forgotten to listen… and this is your remembering and embodiment of it all.

What’s unique about this training:

  • Class size is limited so you will have individual support
  • The deeper themes that will arise for healing in the field will change according to who shows up. In other words, what needs healing will get met.
  • This will be a potent and personalized space for you.
  • We call this the “systemless system” in which we are not teaching you how things are, we are encouraging you to own how you perceive and discover what blocks you from truly seeing. In this way, you can discern for yourself what is true for you without needing to follow a specific prescription.

The schedule changes according to location. Generally we will be in the training for 6-8 hours/day with breaks for rest and integration.

You will leave this course with the skills, tools, and abilities that enable you to work with someone for 60 minutes in Cat Kabira’s Biodynamic Energetics Methodology.

Upcoming Connection Training: April 20-April 25 in Ubud, Bali. Find more info here!


For Connection, there is no pre-requisite required. Once you register, we strongly suggest that you take our online Energy 101 course to help you prepare. You will receive a gifted discount for Energy 101 once you are accepted to Connection.
This course is potent and we assume that you have done some self-work prior to taking this to ensure your own ability to handle the work and learn how to healthily hold space for others. With that said, this is a level one hands-on energy course and this training includes practices for you to reinforce your own self-care, boundaries and stability as this is essential before working with anyone else.
If you would like to focus solely on working with your own energy, we recommend that you begin with our Energy Course: Initiation