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Biodynamic Energetics Level Two – Connection

Level Two: Connection

Level Two is Connection. We begin our hands-on work with one another. Our own work still arises, as it always will, but at this point we are familiar with grounding, centering, boundaries, and personal integrity. We begin to perceive others and watch as that journey unfolds. Connection includes hands-on and hands-off practices as we begin to play with perception in new ways. We discover our personal way to see and how to trust that as well as how to ensure we are seeing clearly.

This is your opportunity to experience hands-on subtle energetic work. At this point, you are more aware of yourself and your sensitivity and you can recognize how to ground and center yourself . You have spent some time understanding the holes in your field as well as some of the subtler patterns in your system. You’re ready to own this deeper and more expansive and inter-dimensional intelligence that takes you beyond the limits of the rational and logical mind and into the Source of Creation.

Now is our time to begin to be present for one another.

These 7 days together are an opportunity for us to do our own work – whether we’re holding space for someone else or being held – both sides are simultaneously having opportunities of being held and healed in the field.

We will learn how to softly enter space so there is safety, trust, and the core of the energetic system can be met. Your hands and senses will go through another up-level of initiation as you learn how to feel sensations in another person’s body without imposing your own will and how powerful and delicate the currents that move through us and through life truly are. Not only will you learn how to hold space for someone else in a profound way, you will experience a whole new level of perception of reality. We will do both hands-on practices as well as working off-body one on one to experience what it’s like to engage with the field. Practice and experience is essential to give you a sense of how to do this work as theory only makes sense later. To support ourselves during the week, we will also do some meditation and movement practices however the emphasis will be on stillness.

We experience how essential being neutral is. We often think that change happens from doing…and in this course we discover the power of non-doing. When we stop doing, we realize that there’s another Source that may have been “doing the doing” all along. We could say this is the initiation into the Feminine power– learning to listen, to stay, to feel, to intuit…and to become familiar with the part of us that wants to move, fix, and change. By learning how to sit with someone else and listen impeccably, we also learn quite a bit about ourselves and in how we habitually interact with ourselves, one another, and the life we are in.

This course includes:

  • Refinement of your personal boundaries and exploring what boundaries are
  • How to remain neutral, centered, and grounded while working with another person’s system
  • The art of entering space in a healthy and respectful way
  • Listening with all of your senses and tuning in – particularly with hand-on work
  • Discover where your mind (the need the know, the rational, logical part of your brain) can block this deeper intelligence
  • Working with the tides or currents of the body – following the flow
  • Specific hands-on techniques working with the body from the feet to the head
  • Begin to learn how to work off-body (which we further in our advanced courses)
  • Understanding the wisdom of the body and how it heals itself
  • Staying clear when working with others: understand your projections, transference and the power of perception
  • How to manage your sensitivity and empathic nature in healthy ways
  • Personal transformation and new awareness in your relationship to the world around you

In Connection, we learn the Art of Listening: how to ground and center, how to honor boundaries of self and other, how to get invited in, how to listen, how to stay, and how to follow. In other words: this is the art of the feminine.

The schedule changes according to location. Generally we will be in the training for 8 hours/day with a break for lunch. You will leave this course with the skills, tools, and abilities that enable you to work with someone for 60 minutes in Cat Kabira’s Biodynamic Energetics Methodology.

Prior to taking our Connection Course, it is strongly recommended that Energy 101 as well as Yoga Energetics Foundation Yoga Training and/or the Energy School Level One – Initiation courses are completed.  If you have done some other study with Cat you may also qualify to take this course – contact Cat for more details.

Energy 101
Energy School Level One – Initiation