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Biodynamic Energetics Level Three – Going Deeper

Cat Kabira Biodynamic Energetics: Going Deeper
A Six-Day Training

Journey Further. Go Deeper.

Are you interested in taking your journey with energetic work further? Join Cat for “Going Deeper”. You will up-level what you began with Energy 101, Initiation and Connection, deepening your experiences with subtle energy and hands-on work.

In Going Deeper, we learn the Art of Intention: how to use mindful action, how to deepen our discernment of when to stay and wait versus when to “do,” how to guide with sensitivity, the implementation of respectful boundaries, how to maintain our integrity, and cultivate our awareness of higher Source. In other words, we learn the art of the masculine. This pairs with the work we’ve done previously in Connection – learning the Art of the Feminine.

In this experiential hands-on course, you will:

  • Review the foundations of the work covered in Energy 101, Initiation and Connection, ensuring we are grounded in the foundation and basics
  • Play with your perceptual awareness working both hands-on and hands-off as well as distance healing
  • Begin to work in more astral spaces and other time-space coordinates
  • Use the power of intention with your practice of listening and following
  • Learn practices that work with the head, facial bones, organs and spine
  • Awareness of In Utero Imprinting

As we are playing with a deeper awareness, you must have given at least 80 sessions and/or have had a year of practice since your “Connection” training

This training is perfect for anyone interested in up-leveling their current Biodynamic Energetic work.

This is a five to seven day stand-alone training or will be incorporated with some other longer advanced practitioner work. Please look at the individual events to see when and where we are offering this as well as how this content is shared.

Upon completion of all modules, you will receive a certificate for the Cat Kabira Biodynamic Energetics Training.

Please note: This course requires three pre-requisites to be completed before registering for this training. The pre-requisites are:

Energy 101