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A place to come home to yourself, Connect to Your Own Magic

This signature retreat is offered every other year for more seasoned students to have a place to rest, go inwards, play, uplevel, and meet what is rising.

Whether you’re a teacher, bodyworker, going through a big change, feeling stuck, just wanting a place to be nourished and nurtured, or simply wanting to play in a different way, this is for you.

Although this isn’t a training, you will still be given many new tools that you are welcome to use with yourself and share with others if you find them valuable and helpful.

We change the venue of where we hold the retreat but it’s always someplace magical. Part of our signature offerings is that our groups are small so that we can ensure support and connection.

Stay connected to our events so you can see when and where the next Activation is held. The schedule and offerings for that particular retreat will be listed there. We’d love for you to join us!