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Kabira School of Energy

The Kabira School of Energy is a set of programs designed to help you connect to your more intuitive, healing, powerful self as well as refine your relationship with your self, others, and the universe. Cat created this after realizing that for any student to step into more advanced yoga work, certain training and initiations were necessary to connect and operate on these deeper levels.

The Kabira School of Energy is a comprehensive “systemless system.” Cat designed these programs after her lifetime of exploration and work with psychics, healers, shamans, medicine people, monks, therapists, and plant medicine. At the urging and request of students and clients, through her own trainings and challenges – as well as her experience in working with people on a more subtle level – she created the Kabira School of Energy body of work.

Some would call this shamanic, some biodynamic craniosacral, some would call it healing work, some would say it’s somatic therapeutics. The deal is that it is all of that plus something more. Cat calls it “Biodynamic Energetics”. Here is what Cat discovered which led to the creation of some of the basic tenets of this work:

  • We have been programmed that in order to know something, in order to have intelligence, we have to study with someone else and have them tell us what to think. This belief robs us of our own personal power and self-trust.
  • We all have different energy systems. This is important to recognize because if we train and assume that we all have the same system – then we end up looking for something that isn’t there or even trying to create something that does not want to exist.
  • We can be inhibited simply because we aren’t feeling fully and also parts of our brain, learning, and ability to perceive are latent.
  • We have an inner intelligence that is beyond the thinking and rational mind. Part of our initiation into seeing, feeling, and sensing these subtler realms is to step out of our conditioned ways of perceiving and functioning and lighting up those parts of our brain that have been latent.
  • We are interdimensional beings.
  • We have the ability to discover our own field and where we may have rips and holes as well as the thinking, habits, and patterns that create this.
  • We understand that everything is connected – from our mental, emotional, psychic, physical levels…and that our field creates our reality. And that we are connected to the reality around us and that we are inter-dimensional beings.
  • We all have the ability to move out of a more mental level and into a feeling sense. We wake up our sense-perception at different levels so we can feel our truth more in the core of our being.
  • We can find and own our center and recognize when we have left ourselves.
  • We understand our own capacity out of self-preservation to split, fragment, hide, and disassociate. We recognize when we leave and why and how to bring ourselves back.
  • We can fully understand our boundaries and the importance of them to maintain integrity in our work. We are also aware of when and how we project on others and when that is happening. We begin to sense the energetic patterns that happen not just within ourselves but as we connect with one another.
  • We can sense the waves, the tide, and the field.
  • We know the importance of the “don’t know” mind and are careful with how we observe and listen so that we can see fully.
  • We are co-creators of our entire reality. Our greatest power is meeting ourselves within and witnessing how our field, and as an extension, our whole reality, changes.

Part of this work wakes up our sensitivity. There is no way we can hold space for someone else if we haven’t met ourselves. The more you have met yourself, the more possibilities for healing you will allow in someone else.


What these programs rely upon is your ability to trust yourself and to stop looking outwards for truth. We have forgotten our own ability to “download.” We come from a history in which God is outside or something that only certain people can access. We are that God and divine and the ability to listen and return home to ourselves is essential. This is why it’s a “systemless system;” because we all have our own unique way to get there. And we can get very distracted in the process. So this is your opportunity to commit to who you are and the power of your sensitivity. This is your time to return to your magic and mystery inside.

How this work unfolds:
In this work we first discover what our own systems are. We become intimate with our own wiring and make-up and understand what our “personal planet” is like.

The primary practices in Energy 101 allow us to get intimate with this work. Naming and sharing some of the fundamentals so these are not new concepts. Energy 101 gets you to spark and feel.
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Level One is Initiation. Your initiation involves your own work with your own subtle body, psychology, chakras, and field. Reknitting your field. Becoming intimate with who you really are. You will get to know your unique system and begin to honor it. These programs are offered both as women’s-only as well as mixed groups. You will see in the description of the retreat and trainings when the body of work is considered part of the Initiation.
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Level Two is Connection. We begin our hands-on work with one another. Our own work still arises, as it always will, but at this point we are familiar with grounding, centering, boundaries, and personal integrity. We begin to perceive others and watch as that journey unfolds. Connection includes hands-on and hands-off practices as we begin to play with perception in new ways. We discover our personal way to see and how to trust that as well as how to ensure we are seeing clearly.
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Level Three is Going Deeper. At this point we are familiar with holding space for one another and we are beginning to mature in our work. Questions arise both in working with the body in more detail as well as how to hold space in a healthy way when working with trauma. A deeper, more subtle language emerges as well as more personal work of that which still needs to be met within. (You must have had some practice and integration time after level two to qualify for Level Three).
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The Yoga Energetics Foundation Course, workshops, classes and retreats can all be attended without moving through any of the Kabira School of Energy programs. However, any advanced yoga trainings (anything that is not the 200-Hour yoga foundation course), practitioner trainings, and energy trainings have different pre-requisites found within the context of these programs (please refer to each training and event to see if a pre-requisite is required). When you look at specific programs, you will see which require Energy 101, Level One and/or Level Two as a pre-requisite.
While you may have trained in other energetic and therapeutic courses, we find it important to ensure you have integrated certain fundamentals into your embodiment and awareness in order to do this deeper work with us. The beauty of The Kabira School of Energy is that while we do have some fundamentals in order to maintain integrity –there is a spaciousness for you to work in the way that your system best operates.

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