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Intro to Energy

If you’re looking for a taste of working with energy, Cat offers workshops that are 1 to 3 days long, separate from her week-long training. Here’s a sample workshop:

Energetics 101: Introduction to Cat Kabira Biodynamic Energetics

Interested in subtle energy? Join Cat Kabira in her wild passion of the subtle body. Here we’ll talk about essentials in working with energy and give a background to what is the basis of Cat Kabira Biodynamic Energetics.

You will learn:

  •      The importance of grounding and how to ground
  •      The true meaning of boundaries
  •      What creates holes in our field and how to strengthen them
  •      How to Function Healthily as an Empath
  •      What does it mean to listen to the field and how to get clear information
  •      How to approach and listen to the field
  •      The Importance of Owning Projection
  •      An Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapeutic Fundamentals

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

In this context, we learn how to feel the energetic tides in the body and develop awareness of our own fluid nature.  We will also sense what it means and feels to sense our own energetic fields, the fields of others, as well as “The Field” or entire healing space of the room.  We see the power that occurs in “doing nothing” and deeply relaxing, on being the witness and seeing how the body has its own potential to heal itself once its inherent wholeness is recognized. We understand the power of our own personal presence, how the consciousness and integration in our own field influences others, and recognize the transformation that occurs for everyone when we ourselves remember who we truly are.

Cat Kabira is known for her powerful and unique way of working with energy. Her goal is to empower you to discover, own, and expand your own superpowers.

Depending on the length of workshop, we also learn some very basic hands-on techniques. Cat teaches this information differently according to length of time and students’ needs.

Upcoming workshops:

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops!
Intro to Energy is for practitioners of all levels.
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