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Foundation Yoga Teacher Trainings

You are your own Guru.

The Yoga of Energetics
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

A yoga teacher training with Cat Kabira is not an ordinary yoga teacher training. It is something out of the extraordinary.
Get ready for a transformational and empowering journey that will do more than prepare you to teach yoga – it will change your life.

Cat Kabira offers a foundation yoga teacher training that is a unique blend of her own studies and exploration in energetic work, body movement, and different styles of yoga.

You will practice the fundamentals of meditation, pranayama, and asana as well as initiate as a teacher. What is different and unique about this teacher training is its emphasis on subtle energetics. Not only will you come out this training being able to teach – but you will be more aware of the subtlety of sensations within your own body as well as how to sense the energetic field of your students. You will be able to feel how your nervous system and emotional body, your whole energy field in fact, communicates with you. In this training, we are less interested in getting you more intellectually heavy and more interested in you owning who you are, embodying yourself, and opening yourself up to the full totality of being.

As a new teacher coming out of this training, you will have the opportunity to embody this. You will be able to go into any room with a graceful confidence in how to hold the space. You will be able to sense the energy, feel the ambiance, understand the energy in the room, and really see and meet your students exactly where they need to be seen and met.

You will also get a profound understanding in how to:

  • Hold space and understand the field of a classroom
  • Sequence classes
  • Offer adjustments, modifications and understand the individual uniqueness of everyone’s body
  • Begin to sense how our physical, mental, emotional, personal, collective and ancestral history is all connected
  • Using your voice
  • Be clear with your boundaries in your interaction with students

We keep the groups small to ensure the quality and individual support.

This teacher training is an empowering experience. It is unique as you will also immerse in the subtle layers of yourself – derived from Cat’s own training in energetic work with shamans, craniosacral therapists, healers, spiritual psychology, and the gifts she was born with.

“You are your own guru,” is our tagline and learning how to sit with yourself and meet the master within is our practice. From a place of experience and embodiment, that is where we teach. Along with your training, Cat holds space for your own healing process to simultaneously take place. This is your opportunity to digest the experiences you’ve had in your own life and discover practices that support you in coming home to yourself. From this place of depth and stability, you can hold space for others to step into their own power and magic.

This is not like any other teacher training. This is the beautiful initiation to open your heart and connect with the depths of your spirit. This is the initiation to becoming your own guru.

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