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Private Energy Training and Understanding your Own Energy Body/Self-Healing

For those of you who would love to learn how to sense your own energy body and work with energy healing for yourself OR you really want to learn how to work with energy with others, I offer both group and private trainings.

Are you considered highly sensitive?
Do you have a hard time with boundaries with others?
Do you find that you have a hard time staying grounded or that you “leave” a lot? Do you find being around other people draining?
Do you feel stuck right now and not sure where to go?
Are you dissatisfied in your career/work?
Are environments challenging for you?
Do you suffer from Anxiety?
Have you experienced trauma in your life that's still affecting you?
Do you have a lot of pain in your body and despite all the doctors you’re going to, there’s still no resolution?
These are all challenges that we can work together with on your energy body. 

Everyone’s energy body is unique and different

 You have your own history, your own way of learning, and your own needs. Training privately means that you will learn more quickly, it’s more intensive and supportive, and you’ll have homework specifically geared to support your own evolution.

Coaching & Healing Packages

Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts

Yoga Energetics with Cat Kabira

Energy 101 Online Course

Are you ready to begin your journey with energy?
Energy 101 is a stand-alone foundational course and a pre-requisite for the courses in the Energy School.

You get to go at your own pace, you’ll have some fun homework practices in-between, and you get to discover your own wiring, how to to begin to sense yourself and the truth of who you are.

Energy 101 includes fundamentals for grounding, boundaries, empath management, self-trust and much much more!

My goal is to empower you so that you understand and know yourself and have the tools to support yourself on a subtle energetic level. Your entire world is energy. 

How you relate to yourself, how you embody yourself - is EVERYTHING.

These aren’t just energetic techniques
 - how you relate to your own energy field will change your life!

This is not just some “motto” I’m saying. It’s true. You will find a positive and a true life changing shift in how you relate to yourself, to others, how to manage stress and change more easily, how to know what you want and build your dreams, and deepen intimacy with others.

My gift is seeing the power you’re not yet owning - and helping you own it. I also can see where you get drained and to empower you to strengthen yourself.

Your options:
Self-healing, Understanding your Own Energy Field, Healing Past Trauma and Stepping Forward in your Life

Your Initiation as a Healer

To initiate as a healer, you do need to understand your own energy body as well. Our work together will include you really getting immersed and understanding your own energy field and how you relate to others as well as how to strengthen your field. And then once we know that you’re grounded and stable with this, we begin your work in how to work with others.

You will have your own way of sensing energy as well as language for it. We’ll work together to see how you sense most easily and then how to develop the other ways energy wants to evolve through you. All the while we’re continuing to strengthen your field so that you can handle the energy moving through you.

Why working privately is great is that as you’re developing your skills and making sense of things, you’ve got me to give you feedback and support. I will be able to see how you’re working and how to refine this. Also your own pain and wounds will get triggered at times so it’s necessary that you have support for this as well as a way to clearly navigate what’s happening.

My goal is that you feel confident in your ability to sense energy, know how to see and sense clearly what’s happening, understand your own “hooks” and “holes,” know how to healthily hold space for yourself and for anyone you work with.

Everyone has a different timeline.

Do know that this is the deepest commitment that you’re making to yourself, your path as a human and for your soul.
Get ready for the opening and initiation of a lifetime.

• Your program will be customized as I work with everyone quite individually and uniquely.

• Your timeframe will be: 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year

• For certification as a Kabira Energetics Practitioner while you can train in groups, private sessions with me are also required.


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