I suffered from anorexia and bulimia for decades.

At the age of 6 years old, I was convinced I was “fat.” I put myself on my first diet at the age of 9 (restricting and starving). At 13 years old, I purged for the first time. At 17 years old, I was told my heart wasn’t going to make it another year.

I suffered from anorexia and bulimia for decades. I never thought I would heal. I was told this would be me for the rest of my life. The terror I had was that maybe at some point I would look healthy on the outside but still have these demons in my head.

That I would always hate my body, always want to be smaller, always feel dominated by food and looking for the next solution. That my good days would still be determined by how much I weighed or the looseness in my pants. That I would continually give up any real health because to me what mattered was how small I could get. That I couldn’t control myself around food. Oscillating between diets and self-denial to binges I would be ashamed if anyone could ever see.

That I felt like a fraud because I said “yoga saved my life” but at some point yoga felt like a trap, like I needed to have a certain “yoga body” and the guilt if I didn’t have that vegan diet. 

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Badass Boundaries


This work with eating disorders comes from my heart.

 I know anorexia, I know bulimia, I know binge eating. I know body dysmorphia. I know what it’s like to be dominated by what you eat (and don’t eat) as well as exercise. Our need to control everything. The fear of loss of control. And what is this eating disorder really about?

Maybe you’ve just realized you have an eating disorder and you want to heal. Maybe this is something that you’ve had for 20 years and you feel like you start to heal, and then you slip back. Maybe you’re at a healthy weight but you hate your body still, you secretly want to go back there. You wonder “this is it” and you have to tolerate this secret disorder. Maybe you’re ready to break free forever.

I really know this pain. 

I also know that it’s not just about food and your body. It’s much much more. It affects your relationships, it affects your career, it affects how comfortable you are around others. It’s a secret unhappiness and addiction that dominates your entire universe.

I’ve been working with women with eating disorders for years and have had a huge success. Part of it is that I do know this disorder very well. I know all the tricks too. I know the psychology. I know where you’ll want to slip and escape. I know the pain. And I know the way through.

I also have been certified by The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders and am a certified practitioner through them.

The methodology I use is unique and will also be tailored directly to who you are and what you need. The women who come to work with me are highly sensitive, whether you know it or not. Part of our work at some point will be helping you to understand this. 

We will also incorporate energy healing in our process.

Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts

You’re not alone in this

Maybe you’ve already done a lot of therapy and psychotherapy. Potentially you’ve been hospitalized. Maybe you turned to yoga as a way to heal.

A client asked me the other day, “I tried everything, what did you and why did it work with you?” Part of it is that I see you. I take time to know you. We have trust. I also pay attention to what your needs are and I’m mindful at the pace that is best for us to work together.

Also, you’ve got me to keep you accountable. It’s not just 1-2 sessions/week that we meet together. You’ll be sending me daily messages as well. You’re not alone in this.

I also practice energy healing with you. This is also vital. That’s what worked for me. We’re not just working on the physical and mental level. We’re meeting your emotional self, your astral self and the very subtle parts of yourself. You’re going to wake up to a whole new world of sensing yourself that will feel like magic.

  • You’re going to think this is just about your body image and food.
  • You’re going to find out that this is about owning yourself, recognizing and acknowledging  your power in your lifetime.
  • You’re not just going to start to feel like you can eat like a "normal" person or regain health, there is much much  more.
  • You’ll find that your relationships will improve, your career will improve, you’ll feel joyful again and you’ll get excited about - what will you do with this magnificent life that you’re in?
  • Your program will be customized as I work with everyone quite individually and uniquely.
  •  If you’re ready to heal, contact me. The length of time it will take depends on many factors so we can definitely chat to see what’s best for you. Three months is the minimum amount of time and most women work with me for six to twelve months. 
  • We can work anywhere you are in the world and if we happen to be in the same place, I’d love to work with you in-person.
  • I can't wait to support you in this healing journey and in the true ownership of your love and power in your life. It’s time.

Eating Disorder Recovery:
Celebrate your body, Own Yourself as A Woman, The Power of Kapha.


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