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Gentle Yoga

Here you can taste some Gentle Yoga Practices – designed for all bodies. Slower more mindful practices that cultivate a deeper awareness and connection to your body and breath.

1. Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

In this 38 minute practice, join Cat as you begin with a seated meditation and breathing practice connecting with your throat and neck as well as solar plexus and pelvic floor. We continue with neck mobility and releasees as well as opening up the side body. Included are some juicy shoulder and upper back openings as well as a chest opener using the wall. No props needed except perhaps a strap or belt (or t-shirt or towel). You
may want a cushion to sit on and you’re welcome to modify these practices using a chair.

2. Gentle Yoga For the Hips

In this 67 minute practice, we begin with a seated meditation to ground ourselves. We move into a deep, soft, and slow practice connecting to the subtlety of our body. Lengthen your spine, connect to your core, open your hips and discover how pleasurable your breath truly is. Included asanas are variations on a mindful bridge pose, stretching the leg with a strap, and a hip opener. Props – you may want a cushion and you may want a strap (or something that can act as a strap – belts, ties, sarongs, towels are all good alternatives.)

For more variety in Gentle Yoga – stay posted as we will continue to post here. And check out the library of videos at

1.Gentle Yoga All Videos$15.98
2.Gentle Yoga For the Neck Shoulders.mp4$7.99
3.Gentle Yoga Hip Grade.m4v$7.99