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Chair Yoga

By popular demand, Cat’s created 2 chair yoga videos (designed for practitioners who may have some limited mobility and would like to begin or continue their yoga practice and to practice in a chair.

Chair Yoga for Your Joints:

In this video you will receive an all-around practice that moves through the joints of your body – ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck. You will also learn how to connect with your breath and how the breath can enhance your awareness and mobility. Practice at your own pace and modify as you need. Enjoy this 35 minute flow!

Whole Body Chair Yoga Flow:

In this 36 minute practice we begin with a seated meditation and breathing practice. We then go into mindful movements combined with breath that brings a more subtle awareness in the body.

From warming up the legs to Warrior II in the chair, followed by spirals and twists and opening the arms, shoulders and neck.

For more in-depth practices and variety, you can check out more of her chair yoga and gentle yoga series with Also stay connected here for more videos!

1.Chair Yoga All Videos$15.98
2.Chair Yoga For Your Joints.mp4$7.99
3.Chair Yoga Whole Body.mp4$7.99