My experience

For me life always felt like a struggle. I had a hard time being around others, a difficult time asserting myself, and there was a deep sadness in me that seemed to follow me where I went.

I didn’t like being here .

When I was younger I had eating disorders, I took a lot of drugs, and I also drank a lot. I had a history of psychological, sexual, and emotional abuse. It seemed like I was stuck in so many recurrent pain patterns no matter what I tried.

I tried so many kinds of therapy but the subtle energetic world is what finally spoke to me in a real way.

Coaching & Healing Packages

Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts
Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts

If you’re highly sensitive, I love working with you...

I’ve dedicated 20+ years of exploring different modalities so that I could not only understand my pain but free. I’ve learned how to strengthen myself and how to handle these big waves that happen in our life.

Especially now what’s happening on the planet...

  • How can we learn to thrive?
  • How do we know what our own truth is?
  • How can we heal our past pain and show up as ourselves?

If you’re highly sensitive, I love working with you. I get how easily overwhelmed you are, that environments and people can be challenging. I understand if you find it hard to stay and ground. I also get how much you might judge yourself or be hard on yourself and find yourself comparing to others. Let’s turn your sensitivity back into the gift that it is.

Commit to self-awareness...

I’ve worked with mostly women intensively for the past 15 years in helping you understand your energy body - but really making the changes in your life so that you can enjoy where you are, know what you need, and know how to step forward.

How I work with you will be very specific to you and will also be dependent on any past therapy, training and the level of self-awareness you have. Your own history (including ancestral) of trauma will also influence our work. Once you commit, we’ll talk about your goals for our work together. Our time together will be a combination of coaching, counseling and energy work. You’ll have homework in be-tween as well as check-ins. This does require your full commitment if you truly are ready to change.

Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts

The change, to be clear, isn’t to continually improve yourself. 

It’s to see the magic, the gift, the power that you already are. 
It’s you coming back to you.

It’s owning who you are on this planet. 

We want to stop the compulsion that we’re not enough, that we need to be more or less of something.

What we’ll create together is a deeper level of support, self-acceptance, owning your true “yes” and “no,” getting honest with what you’re here to create, and to heal the past wounds that may be still driving your system.

This is your place to come home to yourself and rest in yourself as you are.

Cat Kabira Yoga & Energetic Arts
The power of your heart...

From this, yes - your relationships will improve as well as your career. You will discover the magic when you work with your subtle energy body on a mental, emotional, physical, ancestral and astral level - that your life changes.

You’ll discover the lies underneath that you may still be hooked into that cause you to operate a certain way. You’ll realize that you’re worth it and own the power of your heart and your life in a whole new way. 

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