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Biodynamic Yin

Join Cat for her signature transformational Biodynamic Yin to explore the power of the invisible through Yin yoga, subtle energetics, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, shamanic energetics, and shamanic dreaming.

Biodynamic Yin is the practice of Yin (longer-held passive poses that influence the fascia and energy lines of the body) interwoven with the awareness and wisdom of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, working with the chakras and the auric field. This is your opportunity to use your ability to sense inward: feeling, visioning, and hearing and connect with yourself in a deeper and multi-dimensional level.

While holding poses for longer periods, we will work with the “Field” and with focus, breath work and awareness on the subtle and active passivity, learning how to unwind and release the subtle undercurrents that define us. You learn how to trust your sensitivity and sense your own unique energetic field (as no one’s energetic bodies are exactly the same).  You will also sense the blockages in your body on emotional, karmic, ancestral, and other levels and how to dissolve them through using breath, focus, connecting to the witness and using intention. We will be practicing in a space in which the “Field” is held – the potent life force that exists within all of us – and it’s through the settling down of ourselves and remembering that we can bring our awareness back to this. Leave feeling grounded, deeply nourished, relaxed, and whole.

Cat offers classes, workshops, immersions and trainings for her Biodynamic Yin – as either a standalone practice or interwoven with her Yogic Vision Quest and/or Intro to Biodynamic Energetics.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact us via this contact form.