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Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

Owning the Field

The Yoga of Energetics
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

When you come and train with Cat, it is a journey unlike anything else. You show up because you want to deepen your practice, you are willing to meet your edges and the core of who you are. You are ready to feel and be with yourself. All of yourself. And more than anything, this is the practice of presence.

Cat practices a “systemless system” while still honoring and respecting our infinite ancient history of the yogic and energetic arts. This means that Cat strongly holds a space of encouragement for you as a teacher and practitioner to connect to the interdimensional wisdom to come through in a direct transmission rather than rigidly practicing one particular lineage. When we get too attached to one system, some wisdom that wants to come through may get lost. A part of the work in the Energetic Yogic Arts is to allow your own wisdom to come through as you begin to embody a more fluid body connected to the portals of the earth and sky.

In the advanced trainings we will also go deeper into the Energetics for yoga teachers. Studies include:

  • Body reading and refinement of holding space
  • Connecting to deeper possibilities of transformation in your own sequencing
  • The power of presence
  • Personal transformation
  • How to own your power as a teacher
  • Understanding projection while teaching and in your own life
  • Deepening your relationship with the field
  • Owning your voice

This is your space to do your deeper work as a student, to receive the nurturing and wisdom that you need, have space for your personal practice as well as embody the wisdom of these ancient and timeless arts. This is your opportunity to integrate your teachings and rest in a space where there is no need for you to strive or just learn on a mental plane. This is your space for embodiment as Cat holds the space for you to rest in a silence where the subtle can begin to speak and transmit through you.  

We keep our groups small so that you have support on your journey. This is an investment that will percolate through your field for a year after, so get ready for a ride. You will learn tools that will help you and your potential students.

The focus of the Advanced Teacher trainings varies in regard to content and location every year. Programs can range in length from one week to one month, depending upon the modalities used and focus offered.

This training does count as hours towards Cat Kabira’s Yoga Energetics Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (the full 500 hours). If you are interested in completing your 300 hours with us, stay connected for our additional offerings of 50, 100, and 150 hour modules towards your 300 hour training.

For the depth of this course, the pre-requisites and/or recommended trainings include:

  • 200-hour yoga teacher training
  • Minimum of 100 teaching hours since you completed your 1st yoga teacher training
  • Any of Cat Kabira’s trainings:
    • Online Energy 101 training
    • Yoga Energetics foundation Yoga teacher training
    • The Energy school Initiation and/or Connection or any other course in the Kabira School of Energy

Please refer to the list of trainings currently available to meet the pre-requisites. If you don’t fulfill the pre-requisites, but feel called to enroll in the training, please contact us via this form

Please note, in order to be considered for the program, an application form is required to assess your preparedness for the program.

Stay posted for upcoming trainings! We look forward to having you join us on the journey.