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Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

Deeper. More Connected. Unleashing Your Truth. Stepping Into Your Power.
This is an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Cat Kabira.

Are you ready to up-level your yoga? Have you completed your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, committed to your practice, have taught for a while, and are now looking to go deeper? It’s time to journey on a life-changing Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course with Cat Kabira.

These Advanced Trainings have a pre-requisite of a 200-Hour Training and teaching hours (minimum 100 hours since you completed your 1st yoga teacher training.) In order to be considered for the program, an application form is required to assess your preparedness for the program.

Due to the nature, depth, and subtlety of Cat’s work, it is mandatory to attend her online Energy 101 training, Yoga Energetics Foundation Yoga Teacher Training and/or the Energy School Initiation and Connection courses, enabling you to go deeper and be more fully prepared for the experiences the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training brings.

The focus of the Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings varies in regards to content and location every year. Programs can range in length from two-weeks to six-weeks, depending upon the modalities used and focus offered.

Stay in touch for our upcoming events and email us with any questions you may have.