Private Classes with Cat

What are the benefits of doing a yoga private?

While you will learn plenty in a group class with Cat, you will gain personal knowledge and customized tools that will help transform your practice by taking privates.

Privates are perfect if you are looking for feedback on your own alignment, if there are poses you struggle with, parts of the body you feel disconnected from, or have a new or recurring injury. The beauty of the body is that all of us are different – and have different needs – so learning how to work with your specific body is important to make your practice the most beneficial.

Some students use privates as a way to jump-start their practice or to inspire themselves on the mat again. You will advance much more quickly working one-on-one with Cat as you will have direct feedback, guidance and immediate adjustments.

Private Yoga Sessions with Cat Kabira

The private is tailor-made to your direct needs and you will find benefits on a structural level and, if needed, energetic and emotional support.

Privates can include work with:

  • Alignment of poses
  • Understanding your own habits and breaking and creating new ones
  • Yoga/cranio fusion (a 40 minute practice with cranio support at the end)
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Sequencing – how to create your own self-practice
  • How to dissolve blockages in the body
  • Support for Yoga Teachers – how to deepen your own practice, refinement of your own teaching skills
  • The Chakras

Prices are usually $200/hour and may be more if travel and/or preparation time is involved. For a group of 5 or more, the price is $250/hour.

Please contact Cat directly at cat[at]catkabira[dot]com for more information.

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Cat also is available for Private Yoga Teacher Trainings – for individuals and groups. As these programs are tailor-made, contact Cat directly for pricing and availability or check the events page.

Private Sessions - Cat Kabira Yoga

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What people say about Cat's classes

Cat opened me up allowing me to get to know myself and love myself and others in a meaningful way.

A student, Boston, MA

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Cat has such a lightness about her that you almost don’t realize how deep she’s taking you.

Theresa Briggs, Owner and yoga teacher at Bow Street Yoga

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Yoga DVD - Cat Kabira

A Journey To Your Core Strength

A 3-hour DVD: includes 90 minute class and 90 minute breakdown of each pose. The DVD is designed for practitioners of all levels; whether it’s your first time on the mat or you’ve been on the mat for lifetimes.

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