Yoga with Cat

Practicing yoga with Cat is an experience all on its own. Classes range from being playful with challenging asana to slow and restorative in a more yin-like fashion. This brings the system into a more relaxed “theta-like” state and experience which is a subtler experience of stillness in the body.

Cat’s classes, even the more dynamic ones, are slower-paced with longer holds in order for students to connect with themselves and fully feel their bodies. Awareness is placed on muscle and skeletal alignment as well as connective tissue and the subtler energetic systems in the body. Cat emphasizes connecting to the “core” – both in the physical sense of using the bandhas, properly supporting the spine with proper use of the abdominal muscles, and knowing what it feels like to connect within one’s own center. Cat encourages a practice of staying grounded and present, becoming aware of when one is “in” versus “out” of the body, when one is more receptive versus projective and how to feel safe, stable, and trusting of one’s own self. The practice, simply by being in Cat’s field of energy, allows a deeper dropping within and to feel and softly release tensions – from physical to emotional and psychosomatic.

Yoga Lesson with Cat Kabira

One of Cat’s greatest skills is in holding a safe solid space for students to meet themselves and do their work. She has an uncanny ability to go right into the root of one’s holding pattern and the sensitivity to work with students in the way that’s appropriate for their system. Some say that her work is shamanic in the way she works with the undercurrent of one’s system and goes right into the heart of the matter.

Cat’s teachings, no matter how intense they get, always maintain a softness, gentleness and lightheartedness, a feeling of joy and a sense of humor. She acts as a mirror for the student for whatever needs to come through.

No matter what style or structure Cat teaches in – whether it’s a more dynamic asana class or a more restorative yin class – the content – what she teaches and how she presents – is always influenced by who shows up in the room and the true needs of the group. Cat will always lead the class with a depth that’s guided by her intuition of what is best for those present.

Even in group lessons, Cat maintains a practice of giving individual feedback and adjustments as every body has different needs for alignment. Cat is passionate in holding space for the student to find the way to be in their body that is most suitable for them.

For Cat, teaching yoga is one of her greatest passions and delights and any student who walks into her room is inspired by her depth and brightness.


Yoga Teacher Trainings

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali. In-depth immersion in asana, meditation, philosophy, and pranayama and includes craniosacral training that will enhance your ability in the subtler art of making adjustments and in your "seeing" skills.


Private Lessons with Cat

A great way to jumpstart your practice or go deeper. Refine your alignment and understand injuries and patterns so that you can practice in a more conscious way. An opportunity for in-depth exploration that can change your practice for months to come.

Yoga with Cat - Cat Kabira Yoga

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Cat’s permission not to be perfect has led me to break down many walls in my life.

Leslie Case

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Cat often reminded us to smile and relax, because after all, this is only yoga. The other thought was her encouragement to just have fun with the pose.

Neil Woody

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Cat's passion for yoga is infectious. One is inspired to explore outside the box because of the safe space that's created.

Geoffrey Blaisdell, Actor, USA

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Yoga DVD - Cat Kabira

A Journey To Your Core Strength

A 3-hour DVD: includes 90 minute class and 90 minute breakdown of each pose. The DVD is designed for practitioners of all levels; whether it’s your first time on the mat or you’ve been on the mat for lifetimes.

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