Theresa Briggs, Yoga instructor and owner of Bow Street Yoga

I took a heart opening workshop with Cat at Open Doors a few years ago and she did some cranio work during savanana. I hadn’t had any prior cranio or energy work done before this workshop. I experienced such a powerful movement of energy and I wanted to know more- I could feel my physical body let go and became just that pure energy that buzzes inside of all of us all the time. At the time I knew she had done work but I almost didn’t want to ask what had happened because wasn’t sure how to put my experience into words and wanted to just sit in awe with it a bit longer. Since that day I have continued my cranio and yoga work with Cat each time she comes back to Boston. I can enter our session with my hips completely off balance and my mind in a million different directions, and by the time I leave my hips have shifted- it feels like almost inches- and I am in a completely different space mentally. I find space (physically & emotionally) where I didn’t think there could be space and am able to finally move out some old stuck energy that I’ve been holding onto for way too long. I plan on taking Cat’s teacher training to learn as much as I can about cranio sacral therapy. I hope to be able to guide my students and clients into that realm. Thank you Cat for being such a great teacher and mentor to me over the years!

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