Leah Rinaldi, Chef, New York

For many reasons, Cat is a great teacher and an even greater example of a life being lived to the full. Cat is a gifted and inspirational teacher and healer. Cat’s yoga classes nourish the mind, body and soul as she seamlessly blends the physical with the spiritual. Cat’s intuition is impeccable and her touch is soothing. She is compassionate and wise and full of love. Every encounter I have with cat, be it a yoga class, a healing session, or a friendly meeting, leaves me full of love and light.”

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Journey Through the Chakras De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jul 23, 2017
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Journey Through the Chakras Little Yoga Space, Lisbon, Portugal
July 30, 2017
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Return to Nature Join Cat Kabira for these 3 days of powerful rejuvenation and magic.
Aug 04 - Aug 06, 2017
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