Kate Mayne, Visual artist, Singer

My first cranio-sacral therapy session ever was with Cat. Her reputation precedes her and I was not disappointed.I encountered a dedicated practitioner who is clear and focused on the task at hand. I have experienced other kinds of healers before; this experience however stands out for its intensity and its effectiveness. One week later and I am still feeling the ongoing benefits; I can feel as if certain blockages have been lifted, and also that I am more in touch with myself: on a physical level and also mentally. It is all open and flowing. Before the session I had an inkling of what needed unblocking, and in the session I could feel precisely those parts activated. I also discover in myself a sensitivity not previously explored. I find Cat’s very down-to-earth approach and her humility towards what she does extremely reassuring. I find her strength of character remarkable. She has overwhelming warmth and compassion. I feel privileged to have met her and hope I will do so again! Thank you Cat.

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