Delphine Robbe

Cat’s teachings are still resonating in my head, my heart and my field of energy. We all went through so much of ourselves during that training. I have always wanted to do a yoga teacher training and when I heard that Cat was going to do one in Bali, I jumped on the occasion. No need to be a super yogi, just need to be ready for an extraordinary change in life, a new connection with yourself. Cat’s energy, teaching vibes, cues for the poses; her hands on the perfect spot that needs special care… are still in my practice, my classes and my dreams! The cranio-scacral course in combination with the yoga teacher training was one of the best to go even deeper in your own awareness. Yoga became something that would shift things and get me conscious of my own mind and my ego games, as well as getting feeling present in my own body. Those 5 weeks were also a healing time for me. My scar and my heart have healed remarkably under Cat and assistants teaching and guidance. I cannot stop to say thank you to them and to myself for all that love that we connect to! As Cat says, “you can’t love yourself too much”, I have learned to look after myself, to listen to my body and heart and not to forget that I am the priority! So I will recommend you to join any Cat teachings, from a class at the Yoga Barn, a retreat anywhere in the world or a full teacher training. Do not hesitate! With love and energy for Cat.

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