Danielle Dekle

This class was not just a course in poses and asana, anyone can teach you how to be a “follow-the-recipe-color-inside-the-lines-carbon-copy” teacher. This class is truly a “journey to your core” and every sense of the word. Finding your true, authentic self, and what you must do to really find that vulnerabilty and sit with it everyday, and “feel” everything just in order to connect within, is but a fraction of the daily coursework, and essentially, the most important. Every part of this course is unique and transformational. From the heart-centered and joyful AcroYoga of Bex and Carlos, to quieting the body in deep, lucious poses with Kari in CranioYin, and pushing your boundaries emotionally and physically with Cat every morning it is no wonder why we found ourselves on the emotional roller coaster of our lives. I can honestly say that once you strip away every spiritual layer you have caked on over the years, and allow your emotions to flow freely like the ocean’s tide, you will raw and so sensitive that the market 5 blocks over will be too intense to handle from a distance. Discovering peices of your soul while you sit in your cocoon, and learning to accept that one day you will transform into this incredible being like a butterfly, and allowing that transformation to happen, no matter what it may take, is a invaluable lesson Cat and her instructors bestow upon you. You will not only emerge as one of the most knowledgeable yoga teachers when it comes to anatomy and alignment, and later as your read through the required reading, but even deeper as a shaman who can sense the energetic blocks, shifts, and tides in each of your students. Not to mention, you will most likely developing deep, spiritual bonds with your classmates, forming substantial and meaningful friendships with some of your soulmates. Cat Kabira is unlike anyone I have ever met, and she has helped me tap into a well that I was afraid of looking into. She will touch your life, and invigorate your zest for yoga and shamanism and leave you wanting to be the epidimal student of life and love. Rediscover who you think you are, drink a bottle of courage, and pack your bags, the journey into your core is not a simple ride, but I promise you, if anyone can guide you there, all the while making you feel safe and helping you read your compass, its my friend Cat Kabira and her incredible team.

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