Owning Your Voice: A Local Retreat

Our voice is what creates our universe. It’s how we name our desires, say “yes” to our integrity and “no “to what doesn’t serve us. It’s our weapon and paintbrush, our portal to God. And yet, as women, it’s a voice that’s been strangled. Softened. Lost. Distorted and uprooted.
We are now in a time of rediscovery. The finding of our power again. Our true power.

Take five evenings out of your life to journey inwards and come home to yourself. Discover the blockages preventing you from stepping into your power, those pieces ready to be transformed, and the vibrancy in you waiting for awakening.

We will do different practices each evening – dynamic and soft – and also some experiential deep-dive discussions and meditations that will bring to life that which has been numbed out or forgotten. Bring a journal and get ready to shake, feel, and go deep.

For the first evening:
“We will journey through our ground – and find our roots – reconnecting to the essence of our being, our herstory, our ancestry.”

Second night:
We will bring our womb and second chakra back on-line and clarify any distortions present and meet residual pain.

We will find the thumping power deep in our solar plexus and delve into our relationship with our own anger and gut instincts, ensuring the energetic mechanics are in fluid working order. We will let our wild selves out!

We will clear and connect the lines between our throat and power center and meet any of the constrictions, beliefs, and stories that are holding us back.

We will integrate the work of these past four evenings and pay homage to the ancient connection between ground, womb, power, heart, and intuition. Trusting ourselves is our ultimate freedom.

Most importantly, we will be present and listening because the divine female knows there is no plan. The power is in listening and responding. So the deep reason for why we are gathering and going on retreat together, joining in ceremony, will show itself. Together, we will honor who we truly are and sing our true songs again.

For these evenings, go off-line and take yourself out of work and service to give yourself the space you need to revel in your wisdom and grace. The work and magic of our time together will percolate far into months to come. Come as you are.

Join for One Evening (Space Permitting) or All Five. This small group, local home-based retreat is timed with New Year’s to encourage growth and abundance.  

A Limited Number of “Super Early Bird” spaces available for $99. Purchase now will they remain.  
Early Bird – $125 / Full Price – $149

Date: Jan 14-18, 2018
Time:  Nightly event
Location:Sacred Chill West, Atlanta, Georgia
For more information and to register, please visit Sacred Chill West

Event Details

Date: Jan 14 - Jan 18, 2018 Location:
Sacred Chill West, Atlanta, Georgia
More information about the locationPrice: Super Early Bird – USD $99, Early Bird – USD $125, Full Price – USD $149

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