Private Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

Are you suffering from chronic or acute pain? Are you unable to relax your body and mind?

A private craniosacral session can help you with bringing your body back into better alignment, alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pain, alleviate sciatica, and can provide relief from TMJ and chronic headaches. Some have found this therapy helpful in both insomnia and vertigo and it can provide a deeper relaxation and stillness in the body. CST can be helpful in working with past traumas as well as it can access and potentially clear deeper layers, blockages, and accumulated energy within different levels of our body’s physical, emotional, and energetic system. A great therapy to receive while pregnant or post-pregnancy, and it can be helpful for colicky infants or for those whom have had an intense birth. Children also benefit from this work and it’s been found to be helpful with autism and potentially patterns created in utero or at birth, as well as physical and emotional trauma.

What does a session look like?

Sessions generally last 60 minutes. Before beginning the work, you may come in and share what’s going on for you – or you are welcome to go straight into the session.

During the session, clients remain fully clothed, lying comfortably on a massage table. This practice is non-invasive and, at times, the work can happen without even being directly touched. There is nothing for the client to do except for relax – similar to the state of savasana at the end of a yoga session.

You may feel tingly sensations or different temperature sensations. You might notice that your body starts to make small or potentially slightly larger involuntary movements as it begins to “unwind.” You can feel so relaxed that you fall asleep or you go into a deeper healing state in which it’s almost like you are consciously dreaming. It is possible to experience unexpressed emotions that are ready to come to the surface. There is a chance that you feel nothing at even while the work is happening. All of these experiences are “normal.”

Each session is different for every client and it is dependent both on what your body is ready to release and what is “up” for you.

After a session, clients are recommended to not have anything scheduled after treatment as the integration time is important and it is suggested that you allow yourself rest.

With children, sessions are usually 15-45 minutes. It’s important to give them time to eat and rest afterwards. Some may be really hungry or potentially grumpy and needing to sleep. Some children may feel energized and very playful.

It is up to the parent and child to decide whether the parent is in the room during the session or th.e parent can wait outside. Those with younger children, it is recommended that the parent or guardian stay in the room.

Preparation for the Session and Guidelines for Post-Session

In a lot of ways, the most important thing is to come as you are. That’s how healing always begins – when we allow ourselves to be ourselves. It can be helpful to reflect upon why you are coming in for a session – both on a physical level as well as emotional. As we are working with the body AND the energetic field (which can affect your life) to observe the patterns you have in your body and in your life can be helpful. Don’t try to dig too hard. It’s simply observing how and where you are in the present moment. You may end up being surprised by what does surface during a session – but having an intention is simply a helpful focus and direction. Craniosacral therapy, in the way that Cat Kabira practices it, is also a practice of self-responsibility so that you, as the client, can become more conscious of yourself in multi-layers.

It is recommended to not drink a lot of coffee before a session. Also please make sure that your belly is not overly full or that you arrive hungry as both can be distracting.

Post-session it is recommended that you have extra time and space to integrate. You may need some extra time to ground as well. Don’t schedule any other appointments or meetings with friends right after. If you can, please allow to have some quiet time that evening.

Please refrain from alcohol and any other substances that seem destructive to your system at least for 24 hours.

As the body is still processing and integrating even after your session, you may notice that you will be a bit more sensitive for the next 1-3 days. Pay attention to your dreams as those can give you more information. Observe any shifts or challenges that present themselves to you in your life –as those may be invitations to solidify the new change.

Depending on what has moved, your body may feel different physically. Please refrain from any intense movement (including yoga) for 24 hours. Sometimes with movement – especially one that can be structurally based (like yoga) we will try to go back to what feels “normal” and potentially unwind the new pattern that is being created.

Rest is vital and allow yourself to rest as much as you need.

Journaling can be helpful. Do be mindful as to how and to whom you speak about your session. In Native American tradition, there is always a conscious pause after a ceremony or healing journey before choosing to talk about it. How we choose to frame the work that happened for us can either “leak” the energy or support the container we are building.

Frequency of Sessions

Some clients have found one session within itself quite powerful. Depending on what you are working with, sessions once or twice a week can be beneficial (or perhaps once every two weeks or once a month).

It is important that you, as the client, take the time to feel in for what you think is important for you. There will be times that Cat will offer that a follow-up session is helpful. She finds it important that you take the time to make the decision about another session for yourself.

Integration time between sessions is important so it is recommended that at least 3 days are spaced between sessions.

What about the costs?

Sessions for clients 16 years and older are $200USD.

Sessions with children are $80USD.

Discounts available for multiple sessions/on-going clients.

Where are sessions held?

Cat offers craniosacral therapy and her energetic healing work while she is traveling world-wide. Contact her directly to book a session and to also get directions for where the work will be held. You can review the Upcoming Events page to discover if Cat will be in an area near you. It will be helpful to you to plan on staying for 90 minutes for when you walk in the door for your session to when you leave.

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Her craniosacral therapy resembles that of a fine pianist tuning a piano: she has true sensitivity to the tones, sensations, and energetic subtleties of each body.

Caitryn McCallum, Yoga Instructor

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I consider myself truly fortunate to have received a craniosacral therapy session from Cat.

Tara Sweeney, Boston, MA

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…in my experience, there are few Yoga teachers as spirited and honest as Cat.

Jacky Croke, Australia

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