What is Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that has its roots in the early 1900s in the osteopathic field. The two men who are considered the pioneers of this work are Dr. Andrew Taylor Still and Dr. William Sutherland. Over the years, this therapy has evolved into different forms. In simple terms, it can be divided as a more “structural” approach – which is the biomechanics method. The other spectrum is the biodynamic system – which some say is the more “spiritual” or energetic approach.

While much can be said about this work, in its simplest form how this therapy works is in first detecting subtle imbalances in the basic rhythm of the body and then releasing the blockages that are the underlying cause of the imbalance and resulting pain.

This is a profound therapy that can provide long-lasting results for physical ailments such as low back pain, sciatica, TMJ/jaw tension, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. It can be helpful to colicky infants or if they had an intense birth and helpful for both pregnant women and also can be helpful for mothers post-natal. This therapy has also been used to treat autistic children. The beauty of craniosacral therapy is its potential for deep healing on both physical and psycho-somatic levels and can be supportive to anyone who’s experienced trauma on psychic, emotional, or physical levels.

Cat started training as a Craniosacral Therapist after already having a history of practice and study in other energetic modalities as well as shamanic work. She found craniosacral therapy a perfect complement for her work as a yoga teacher as she could help her students with physical injuries and tension. When her clients require more support for emotional, psychosomatic, or karmic patterns or contracts, Cat will sometimes utlilize her more “shamanic” approach. To Cat, the body is a wealth of multi-dimensional history and healing and she is continually fascinated at the interplay of physical anatomy with all of the other levels of being. Cat has remained committed to the work as she has witnessed and personally experienced powerful long-lasting results as well as remains in awe to the depth and subtlety of awareness that this work brings.


Craniosacral Trainings

An opportunity to learn how to share craniosacral therapy with others. Will give you a whole new perspective on how the body heals itself and perhaps a different way to view reality. A great tool for yoga teachers, body workers, and anyone interested in healing.


Private Sessions

A non-invasive energetic healing art that can provide relief for physical, emotional, and mental tension. Great for low back, neck pain, head trauma, and headaches and deeper relaxation for the entire system. Helpful in working with histories of past traumas including birth complications.

About Craniosacral Therapy - Cat Kabira Yoga

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