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Sunday, 12. February 2017

Let Go and Shine

Trust and let go has been the theme coming up for me lately. I mean, when isn’t it a theme for any of us, right? I joke with my students that we finally get the guts to take our hands off the wheel and find out that we weren’t the ones driving anyway. … Read the post ...
Saturday, 7. January 2017

We’re Never Too Old….

I can’t believe I leave St. Louis tomorrow! I’ve had such a fun time being back with my family. I’ve even considered moving back here. So far my leaving of Bali has been good medicine. I was craving new vibrations and I never realized St. … Read the post ...
Tuesday, 27. December 2016

It’s Not Up To You

It’s been 5 days since I’ve left Bali and I already feel different. This was a difficult transition because it wasn’t my usual leaving for 3 months…I’m leaving for 9…and with the intention of settling into some spaces outside of Indonesia. … Read the post ...
Tuesday, 13. December 2016

We’re In This Together

From my most recent post, I didn’t expect so many comments and personal messages. This is a beautiful time. The sadness I’ve been feeling isn’t just mine…and…on a larger scale…wholly mine. What I mean by this: what actually happened right now in my life is a much smaller potato compared to, for example, the year when 12 people died suddenly one by one. … Read the post ...
Tuesday, 7. June 2016

Queen Bee

I want to talk about love. Not the love I want to have. The love I have already tasted. My life has not just been pain. I have tasted God in a lover’s thrust, I’ve felt the wisdom of forever in his embrace, I’ve been loved unconditionally by so many – not just my family. … Read the post ...
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