Monday, 9. February 2015

A Musing in the Clouds

Sitting in the grass, watching the  clouds….a musing for the moment…

What I love about life is that we always end up in the right place…at the right time. Thank the gods we aren’t in charge of much beyond our attitude. In this spiraling chaotic place, somehow there is a divine order so that the places we are meant to be, the people we are meant to meet, the lessons we are meant to learn…we couldn’t even avoid them if we wanted to. What a magical dreamscape tapestry we are all part of. And yet, it’s not about sitting back on the couch and seeing what appears. We still wake up. We sit diligently. We learn to manage our minds and listen to our hearts. We sit with a furrowed brow over the drawing board. We make plans and do our best. We say prayers, offer flowers, make promises – knowing that somehow in this insecure reality – in which we’re not really sure where we came from or where we’re going…that everything’s okay. Even when it all falls apart. It’s still okay. I think of the traumas, tragedies and losses in my life – and even in some of my darkest moments..there’s always a balance…a sweetness, a deep wisdom. And so this morning, enjoy yourself in the template in your mind, the scribblings of your plans. And then wait to see…what this mysterious universe has in store for you. This is the magic of being alive.

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