Friday, 9. January 2015


this picture was taken while I was with Cynthia Sciberras on a photo shoot in Fremantle in 2011. In the middle of me doing sun salutations on the street, this woman comes up, holding a can of red bull and missing most of her teeth, and immediately sets down the can and joins me. She stayed with my rhythm, we gazed into one another’s eyes through our planks and Updog, and the delight and laughter in her face lit me up. This to me is the namaste of yoga: not creating any “perfect” moments, not the control of silence and space- but the freedom and openness to see within the frenetic energy of a city, how the light and joy exists in all of us, no matter what our past or exterior. We’re all in this together, we have all taken roles being one another, this is the play we are all in. I live for the moment when that spark of recognition ignites something deep inside of me: I am you. 

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