Wednesday, 7. January 2015

How To Make Raw Organic Coconut Milk

How to make homemade organic coconut milk: 

1. Get an organic coconut. If you live in the tropics, it’s easy, but also I’ve found on my travels supermarkets that sell them. You want an “old” coconut cuz it’s the thick skin you’re after. 

2. Wash the coconut and peel the brown skin off- you want the hard white part of the coconut. 

3. Grate the coconut into a large bowl. 

4. Once it’s finely grated, add water. For thicker coconut “cream” use less water. I prefer it thicker as its a great contrast to a strong bitter coffee. If cooking with it or adding to smoothies, you want it thinner. Experiment. 

5. Once the water is mixed with the coconut, put a bowl under you and from the coconut-water mixture, squeeze the water out of the coconut meat until the meat is really dry. You will see the “milk” in your bowl. Use immediately or store it in the fridge. The cream will harden so you will need to shake it up. It lasts about 24 hours- the fresher the better. I’ve found it’s easier to make a thicker milk on warmer days. 

For coffee or tea etc I shake it up, heat it up and for cappuccino froth I use a stainless steel hand frother. If you want the coconut meat for raw recipes, instead of adding water after you grate, you can make “coconut rice” and mix it with other vegetables or spices. Goes great with curries, thai food, soups and salads. Enjoy!

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