Wednesday, 7. January 2015

The Peeling of Grace

The past few days my clients have been coming to me telling me how there’s something wrong with them, that there’s so much to fix…and the words of one of my first and favorite yoga teachers keeps coming to mind. She called me after I had moved away to ask me how teaching was going. Then she said, “Cat, our job as teachers is to remind our students that they are already whole- that there’s nothing broken or anything that needs to be fixed.” I didn’t get what she meant when I¬†was 22 (I was fixated on my “brokenness”) but now nearly 15 years later I understand. My urgency to clear myself up (or out) to excavate, to change and fix has…gone away. There’s a softening, a settling, a realization that everything’s okay and I’m here and I’m getting done by life. I’m a juxtaposition of growth and debris, rust, old skin, new eyes, water and this curious and strong beating heart. There’s this peeling away that’s happening- and it’s making everything more beautiful and bright. I’m in awe more- caught in the grace of the finite moment, knowing I can’t hold on to anything or anyone. I won’t waste time by saying “what’s wrong with me?” I will just state the fact that I love.

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