Monday, 8. December 2014

Slowing Down

This has been my mantra these past few days. As someone who’s a bit feisty and fiery by nature, my lifelong lesson has been about staying balanced. (I’m also a big fan of the art of doing nothing.) I’ve been realizing more and more how much my nervous system, my body, my whole being needs this slowness so that I can really savor this here and now. It feels quite liberating to choose to step out of the busyness…sometimes I can forget what’s important. And if I’m teaching yoga..I gotta walk my talk. What am I doing with myself on this planet anyway? Join me, it’s simple, slow down, enjoy yourself, notice the gems you already have, the gifts already here. I often get caught feeling like I have to do more or be more…and yet the true satisfaction happens when I slow down, connect with myself, connect with my loved ones, connect with nature…and then true inspiration and creativity comes from that. I always know my truth and what I need if I just give myself the space to stop and listen. One of the reasons why I came here on this planet was simply to enjoy the beauty of the now.

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